How Writing Can Be Used to Deepen Understanding - Essay Example

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Date:  2021-06-28

Writing can be considered as a keystone towards learning of different subjects in school. Writing can be used as a way of deepening and increasing a students level of understanding while in a classroom setting. It is a way of getting in the mind of the student and evaluating how they are processing a given idea of any subject (Marzano & Paynter, 1994).

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Writing helps in increasing a students understanding because it is an exercise that takes place after an episode of learning. It is through writing a student will show what he has understood and the new information that he has gotten. Writing can also be used by the lecturer or a teacher to assess what new content the students know about a given topic before the beginning of the lesson. For example when the teacher enters the class and gives a question on a new topic and only gives a few minutes for the students to write down the answers and submit them in a written form. It will also help the lecturer to know the areas that the students are weak at and pay more attention and emphasis on them.

Writing helps students to deepen their understanding and also be in a position to work through complex ideas because it helps a student to be able to articulate his thoughts about a particular question. Through writing a students reasoning can be improved so as to enhance his understanding. It is mostly when the student needs to evaluate various claims, to give their ideas and solutions concerning given problems this will create a situation of higher-order thinking by the students (Education, 2016).

Writing helps a student to understand better because it enables a student to distinguish his understanding of discussion from that of text. When a student for examples engages himself in writing before a discussion forum or a group work it helps him tease what he has learned through reading what they have gathered in the discussion. Writing shows the student if he is in a position of deriving meaning from a text. It helps in demonstrating one's understanding of a given text and also improve their thinking as well as their original writing. For example when a student is required to do an assignment if an article review he is supposed to write down what he has understood after reading that particular article (Marzano, Boogren, Heflebower, Kanold-McIntyre, & Pickering, 2012).

Writing is of great importance because it helps in encouraging metacognition. It helps in creating a permanent record of thinking in a student or an individual. Through writing a student can always use that information as a way of having access to their learning. A student who is in a position to reflect what he has learned tend to think more strategically, and this helps them to be in a position of dealing with complex ideas as well. For example when a student is not sure of the answer to a given question he can always refer to the notes that he wrote while in class.

In conclusion, writing can be regarded as an important way in which a person or a lecturer can get into the mind of a student. When a teacher asks the students to take more of their time to articulate and organize their thoughts into a meaningful information which can be written down, it helps in improving the students understanding and also help him to be able to know how to make a decision when faced with complex ideas. Writing helps in providing a students evidence that he is learning.


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