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The students were divided into small groups of 3 and each group was given a specific task to do on the computer. For example, the students were asked to describe their version of the monster that they know which required them to discuss the characteristics of a monster they know and agree on a specific image of monster and email the description and the drawing of their muster to the other groups whose emails were written on the whiteboard. The area being assessed was the student's ability to construct sentences. The goals were to evaluate the quality of the student's written description of the monsters that they drew and the level of their competency in interpreting the written description into a working monster correctly. The teacher also wanted to encourage the students to be creative in creating monsters based on the society's perception of a monster (archetype)

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Assessment Tools

The Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) assessment instrument was designed and used to observe, document, and reflect on the learning, development, as well as the progress of students (Burkett, 2007). The assessment tools used for the assessment were the computer with an internet connection. The teacher assessed the students booting and use of computers' word processing software package and the ability to the students to create an image from a written description. The email account was also used to assess the student's ability to email their work to the teacher and the fellow student's groups. The computer will be internet enabled for the students to search for images of monsters for those who will not have a picture of the monster. The student will also be assessed for their internet search skills.

Results of the Reassessment

Instead of formative assessment and diagnostics trusting, the teacher used the interim or benchmark testing to determine if the students had mastered all the unit instruction and see if the students are on track (Au, 2007). The assessment results presented surprising results. For example, group 1 students managed to boot their computers, write an email describing their monsters (McCain, 2019). They also managed to draw a sketch of a monster using the coloring app but their monster was not a monster per se but just an image of a man with horns. Groups 2 managed to complete the task and drew a scary image with one eye. Their depiction of a monster was extraordinary, the sentence structure was good and their written description of the monster, as well as the interpretation of the written description into a drawing, was above average (Olson & Sabers, 2008).


No differentiation strategy was used in this assessment. However, there were differentiation considerations which will be explained in the next section.

Design and Deliver a Lesson

There was no differentiation in this exercise due to time constraint. However, if I had time, I would have assigned the two groups different objectives or creatures to describe and interpret. I would have asked them to use different colors and adopt different strategies to complete their assignment. One group would have started by drawing then describing their drawing while the other groups would have started by describing their idea of the monster then interpreting the written description into a drawing.

Analysis of the Post-Assessment Data and Communicate the Assessment Results

To the parent

I am your child's K2- grade art teacher. I am writing to express my delight to have had your child in my class this year. His performances are exceptional and his grasp of ideas and creativity are phenomenal which has made me set a high expectation for the boy. I will do all that I can in my ability to help the bay achieve those expectations.

I would also like to bring to your attention the fact that we had a small interim assessment which involved drawing and using the computers to write decryption and convert the description into a drawing. However, while his grasp of the idea of monsters which was the topic of choice was good, I realized that the boy was struggling with computer use. From the assessment, l was concerned about his access to technology at home and his answer was that they do not have a computer at home. Computers are interactive and really help the students write letters, describe the event, learn how to construct sentences and correct grammar that is why I propose that the students should have access to computers.

At this point, I am writing to request you to arrange to avail a computer at home for the boys use. The world is evolving and technological advancement makes it necessary for the students to have access and know how to use a computer to complete the assignment, interact with other students and contribute in class discussions. In the next semester, the student will be assigned lost of technology-based homework that the school expects to be completed. That way, you can help your child to complete her assignment.


Finally, I am counting on your understanding and support on this matter. I am keeping the communication line open with all parents and I am available around the clock except on Sundays. Please do not hesitate to contact me on +23445609756788 in case you have any question during the academic calendar.


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