Free Paper Sample: Why People Should Attend Online School

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Date:  2024-01-28

The past decade has witnessed a rapid upsurge of distance education or online learning, as many prefer to call it. According to a report published by the Digital Learning Compass, the number of college and university students enrolled in at least one online learning course in 2017 surpassed 6 million in nearly 30% of all enrollments (Allen and Seaman 4). Today, many people deem online learning as a one-stop solution for all. While some people might question the equivalence of online education to in-person learning, there is sufficient evidence to show the significant benefits of distance learning. Several reasons underline why people should attend online school; these include flexibility, low costs, and a more comfortable learning environment.

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One of the primary reasons students need to consider distance learning is its unique flexibility. Most contemporary learners long for flexible learning schedules, and this is what online schooling offers. The high flexibility tends to be suitable for students committed to other things. With online learning, students can organize their schedules depending on their preferences. Whether one happens to be a night owl or prefers to finish their work early, the learning schedule remains flexible. As such, those taking extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, or need to take care of volunteer or family duties can create plans that fit them. Thus, great flexibility ranks among online learning's most significant advantages.

Another reason for attending online schooling is the low total costs incurred by students. For instance, the current average student loan debt stands at $ 37 584 (Bustamante). Many prospective students often turn a blind eye to distance learning's cost benefits. What most fail to comprehend – especially those enrolling in higher education – is that despite paying the same tuition fee as their on-campus counterparts, distance education allows them to save money on expenses such as textbooks, commuting, activity fees, and cafeteria meals. It is no secret that college is costly, drawing for the costs one has to incur. Even though virtual learning may not always be cheap, it is undoubtedly a cost-effective option, allowing one to save money on things they would otherwise not save.

Lastly, distance education allows learners to enjoy the benefit of a more comfortable learning environment. Learning anywhere and completing one's assignments at any location enables students to work in an environment they deem suitable. Given that online learning involves no in-person instructions, students do not have to hustle through time-consuming activities such as commuting to class, thus spending considerable amounts of time studying.

Despite the apparent benefits stemming from online schooling, proponents of traditional modes of learning may contend that it is the best form of instruction as it involves active learning. The ability to have contact with instructors offers students several options, unlike online learning. For instance, students can have in-person meetings with their instructors to discuss academic performance, assignments, and projects. Thus, regular class attendance fosters student-student and student-instructor interaction, encouraging them to follow a regular schedule, be disciplined, and improve mental alertness.

While active learning ranks among the top advantages of traditional learning, what proponents of this form of learning forget is that distance education also allows students to interact with fellow students and instructors through online platforms. Besides, students can get the help they need from their instructors even if they are interacting virtually. Consequently, attending online school offers numerous benefits, most of which have contributed to its rise in recent years.

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