Essay Example on Be the Best: My Aspiration as House Captain of XXXX House

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Date:  2023-08-29


For the two years, my studies in XXXX have made me mindful that events of the house are one of the noteworthy exercises in the community of XXXX. I am an outgoing and positive influencer. I, as a member of XXXXX House, I would wish to act as a House Captain and lead our house towards the triumph.

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I generally recall the sentence stated by Ms. Williams, the Head of my House before house competitions. He said that turning into the first is our goal; if not, at that point, do not be the last. I concur with him that for someone to become the hero is a fundamental objective in a match; notwithstanding, I accept likewise indispensable to enjoy the process. The capacity to function as a pioneer is a fundamental ability that I believe I have. I developed a few abilities when I was a grade captain of my house in my past school. I need to urge my companions to take part in the events of the house, help them to remember the house meeting dates, what is more, to deliver each dissatisfactory of my peers to my house captain.

On occasion, I met a few colleagues who were not ready to collaborate. However, working as a team, it is incredibly significant that we cooperated to make progress towards the best. Likewise, I was aware that cooperation is additionally essential in a house as most of the house occasions are matches of the groups. I was served in the athletics team as a member of the panel, and I assisted with organizing the training camps and exercises of the team to enhance our solidarity. Also, I frequently speak with my group to ensure they are stable and sound and get enough rest during competitions. I accept that conveying messages to each other can help improve and motivate every individual. For instance, I have demonstrated my relational abilities. I had taken part in each festival competition of speech from the time when I was eight. I was fit for addressing an enormous gathering of crowds, furthermore, luckily winning in a couple of matches. I believe that it is additionally a crucial aptitude to turn into a House captain.

What would be your first thoughts/ideas/actions when taking on this position

Giving them my contact subtleties such as Telephone no., WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook is the primary thing that comes into my brain. Accordingly, they can get in touch with me in both of this online networking to answer their queries. Furthermore, students usually have a few worries that they are wished to voice out. I believe it would be a smart move to have an entire school forum of students which they can be able to get their opportunity to give a few proposals or improvement that can be done by teachers to upgrade the community of CSFC. Thirdly, I feel that it would be an extraordinary thought to set up a motto for each house. Along these lines, when there are inter-house competitions, for instance, Sports Day, individuals from each house can perk up for their houses, but not only for support assurance by the individuals. Ultimately, I feel that we can set up a house for social events so as we can discuss how our school life is proceeding to give a chance for knowing one another.

What do you personally want to get out of this role?

I believe that the orientation of achievement has a purpose. Being proud of my duties, be willing to adapt as required quickly, and the significant part being to deliver the results. Generally, to achieve in any event requires one to commit to continuous engagements that promote the improvement of performance. I believe that the bottom line of a leader is to deliver. Being a house captain will enable me to set challenging goals as well as inspiring and motivating me as well as others. Seeing my fellow peers making achievements more than initially expected, and expressing my confidence in them will be my great deal. I wish the position could enable me to motivate and energize my fellow peers. I want to foster a pleasant environment in every team to blend sustenance with suitable levels of encounters because I recognize the need to develop effective adaptability.

The intelligence of emotion is a substantial attribute that I believe is linked with performance achievement and excellence. The good thing is that emotional intelligence can be learned. Though I will need efforts and strong personal motivation to replace the old behavior that may be unhelpful to me, I believe the process will not be complicated for me since I am flexible in adapting to change. I wish I could reinforce my skills of communication in the wake of serving as a House Chief. The House Captain's role is to act as a bridge between the students and the Head of the House. A ton of communication is required between each other to accomplish an undertaking. In this way, it is straightforward to convey the correct message to each other.


Moreover, I could additionally build up my collaboration and administration abilities as they advantage my future profession to turn into a dental specialist who needs to work under the participation of a team. Plus, my self-confidence can be developed. I here and there has a great deal of wisdom in my brain. In any case, I am reluctant to speak up and present my ideas to other people; henceforth, it will be a test for me to present myself to other people.

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