Essay Example on Promoting Healthy Weights: Parent & School Interventions

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Date:  2023-04-09

Parents-specifically. Parent interventions at home are essential for promoting long-term healthy weights and reducing obesity among members of the family unit.

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School-aged children and adolescents. Schools should offer meals, health education, and physical activity to avoid childhood obesity from up surging physical activity among children; the CDC endorses regular physical education classes that highlight health-related fitness activities.

Preschool-aged children. Clinics develop effective prevention and intervention programs for preschool. The clinic offers a list of foods to give preschool-aged children

Adults (and older adults). Community-based programs that include behavior change may reduce weight gain in adults

The Reasons Why Parents Are the Best for Yielding Good Intervening Outcomes

Parents assist in inhibiting childhood obesity by providing nutrition education, healthy meals, and daily physical activities. Also, parents should encourage safe bicycling or walking to school and other social events, thus influencing their children's behavior. Adolescents spend much of their time viewing Tvs, reducing children's physical activity leading to obesity. Parents should control tv viewing at home to minimize children's obesity risk and body mass index.

Obesity Statistics for Parents

Health Survey for England report analyzed the relationship between child and parent. 28% of children from obese mothers were overweight themselves, producing 8% of children, while 24% of overweight children came from an obese father and shared this trait with 9% of other children. Nearly half (52% of fathers and 47% of mothers) of overweight children believed their offspring were of suitable weight.

Strategies for Parent to Reduce Obesity

Parents should balance calories in children by providing enough nutrition and a decent number of calories. They can support children's study to be observant of what they consume by developing well-eating habits and ways for decreasing calorie-rich temptations.

Parents should engage children in proper physical activities and avoiding spending much sedentary time. Regular physical activity has numerous health advantages, including reducing blood pressure and strengthening bones.

Also, a parent should restrict the time for playing video games or watching televisions. The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) does not endorse TV viewing for children aged below two years. Instead, parents should inspire children to discover fun activities to do on their own or family members.

Peer-Reviewed Articles That Describe Obesity Parent Intervention

Home-based behavior lifestyles show interventions for preventing and treating obesity. Parents should engage their children to avoid childhood obesity. Thus prevention intervention is necessary for improving weight outcomes among parents (Kenneth, 2009).

Parent interventions are crucial for stimulating long-term secures weights among family unit members as well as reducing obesity. According to BMC Public Health (2019), active coaching has caused positive behavior modifications among obese adults.

Parents provide a primary social environment for children and the exposure to involvement activities guiding the development of health practices in children. In this case, family-based programs are most effective for pediatric obesity, and they mutually reinforce the environment in which healthy behaviors can be maintained and accepted (Health Survey for England, 2017).


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