Personal Statement: Msc Remote Sensing and GIS

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  622 Words
Date:  2022-11-04

I want to pursue a Master's degree in remote sensing and GIS because alongside the fact that it is out of a passion for the fact that remote sensing and GIS is all about recording earth measurements by using remote sensors often from an aircraft or a satellite. Also, most of my undergraduate programs were basically on cartography, therefore, implying that remote sensing and GIS is the most relevant field of study for my master's degree. Studying a master's degree in remote sensing and GIS would as well benefit me from various dimensions. Some of the benefits of undertaking an Msc Remote Sensing and GIS that I would experience include providing me with both a robust theoretical and conceptual background and vocational training in Remote sensing and GIS. The studies of Msc Remote Sensing and GIS will provide me with opportunities to enhance development in a wide range of professions and also equip me with the professionalism to enter a wide range of dynamic careers.

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Generally, the Msc Remote Sensing and GIS course fit my skill set because among the skills that I am conversant with is the Structured Query Language Programming. This skill is a perfect fit for the course Msc Remote Sensing and GIS because it is all about retrieval of information from relational databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL. The skill of SQL programming would enable me to have greater clarity of basic spatial data concepts, and data types carry out practical spatial data analysis tasks in freely available software and learn about the kind of questions that are answered through spatial analysis and where to obtain free spatial information. Therefore, Msc Remote Sensing and GIS would imply analyzing spatial data using both R and QGIS Process raster and vector data in both R and QGIS which would show off my skills and gain experience by working on real-life conversation related spatial data analysis project. The application of SQL programming to GIS will also provide plenty of handy hints and tips provided together with the code to prevent glitches.

I possess an outstanding personality that would be regarded as significant for the pursuance of Msc Remote Sensing and GIS because I have work experience that I have gained from the internship in Zagreb, Croatia. During the internship, I have covered introduction into Landsat 8, MODIS, Sentinel-3 OLCI and Sentinel 5P satellites and their sensors/payloads. I have been able to learn the basics of R and writing of the script for SW algorithm in R studio by going through user guides. I have also acquired and post-processing data into toolboxes which can be regarded as alternative post-processing in R as well as developing physical datasets and cross-analysis of datasets in R for the City of Zagreb and City of Warsaw. I aspire to become a GIS analyst, and I believe that pursuing Msc Remote Sensing and GIS will enhance me with the capability to become a more accomplished GIS analyst given the manner that it also fits well with my skills such as SQL programming.


In summary, the contribution of my work to the university department of Remote sensing and GIS can be determined by the application of SQL programming knowledge of enquiring for data with select limiting database responses and asking for information from two or more tables. That can also be considered by understanding the relationship and datatypes in the process of remote sensing and GIS data interpretation from remote sensors like Satellites. I, therefore, look forward to having a great moment in the university because it will generally help me develop better as a person given the fact that I own the zeal that will make me a successful student in the university.

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