Prosecutor's Information Management System - Research Paper

Paper Type:  Research paper
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Date:  2022-12-18


The District Attorney's office handles numerous files and contact information for probation and parole purposes. Considering the current outdated system, keeping track of these data remains a challenge. The inefficiency of the current system forces individuals tasked with the safekeeping and retrieval of these data to develop data sheets in their personal computers. Whereas this approach helps to get work done, it does not comply with the organizational information system management requirements. An online database for this purpose would be of great help to the organization in many ways.

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Functions and Importance of a Prosecutor's Information Management System

A Prosecutor's Information Management System will help to maintain and track data about prosecutions, particularly those relating to parole and probation decisions. It is intended to serve as a management tool for such data continuously. It will also serve as a litigation review tool, especially when information regarding the past conduct of an accused person is needed. By allowing the Attorney's office to conveniently generate summaries and analyses of pending probation cases, parole history for particular individuals, the organization will improve the efficiency with which it serves cases.

The Types of Data the System Will Hold and How to Secure It

Information which shall be maintained in the Prosecutor's Information Management System will be obtained both from case rulings and intake and screening stages. This information will be sensitive and will require proper access controls. The security of the system will begin with the design. A cloud environment will house the database. Such an environment will be procured from competent service providers with guarantees for security. Internally, access to the system will be restricted to authorized users. For one to be considered a user, they will be assigned an account with an accompanying password. There will be a password policy to guide the conduct of users. A system security policy, as well as a management plan, will be documented for reference and reinforcement.

How the Old System Handles the Outlined Functions

A traditional filing system requires that, for every case, data is entered manually. The files are then stored in a manual shelf with old filing systems. Since the District Attorney's office handles numerous cases each year, this means that there are equally multiple files. Retrieving a file becomes a challenge. File handling is equally a challenge. This cumbersome process requires time to address each case which translates to delays and inefficiency for the office. For multiple cases, summaries and analyses have to be manually generated, a time-consuming process. The same delays are experienced regarding case reviews involving past offenders whose conduct under probation or parole needs to be determined.

Evidence of Feasibility

The organization could consider the success of the Department of Justice's LIONS project as a basis for approving this Prosecutor's Information Management System. This system has enabled the apex courts to maintain reliable information conveniently. There have been marked reductions in cost incurred in the purchase of paper, files, printers, ink, and file cabinets. Convenience also arises out of the ease of information sharing within the courts. The determination of cases becomes easy, and this improves the efficiency of the justice system as a whole.

By establishing this information management system, the District Attorney's office will be more productive and efficient.

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