Essay Example: PowerPoint and a Student's Academic Performance in the Classroom

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Date:  2021-04-05

PowerPoint is one of the Microsoft Office 365packages with a comprehensive graphic package, giving the user an opportunity to integrate auditory and visual aspect to the presentation hence giving a presentation that has a professional look. PowerPoint is made up of word processing, graphing, drawing, outlining as well as the presentation management tools that entirely intended to become simple to learn and use. PowerPoint has been widely adopted in the learning institution to enhance students class interaction and understanding through, text, animation, audio, art as well as the video elements, therefore improving their learning experience. The PowerPoint presentation is done with the combination of the projector and a computer to display slides for exemplifying a lesson. The application of PowerPoint has played a significant role towards enhancing the students learning and performance in class.

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PowerPoint captures student's attention and makes them get interested in the class teaching; this is because of its ease in developing an attractive, colorful design by the use of the standard themes and templates. The ideas presented through the PowerPoint are concise and easy to understand especially when the images are included, hence reducing the time for presenting the subject matter.

PowerPoint is simple to present while maintaining eye contact with a broad range of audience, through simple progressing the slides using a keystroke, therefore, abolishing the use of handouts to peruse the message.

It presents ideas in a systematic manner for easy understanding. The ideas presented are less complicated since they are written in bullet form. Ideas presented in bullet form have direct meaning to the subject, and the student can easily memorize them. Apart from the use of the bullets, also idea can be presented in a flow chart showing the protocol and sequences of ideas; during the exams. The style makes it easy for the student to remember what was being taught in the class through visual presentation since the presentation of a complicated information is in an organized and brief form.

The use of audio and video in the PowerPoint assist the student to better interact with the presenter in the delivering of the "off the cuff" presentation that is rigid and less scripted. It is excellent for the presentation to have the correct balance of video, audio together with verbal material so that the fundamental idea is not diluted.

PowerPoint presentation helps students teamwork when they are conducting group presentation; this is because different team members can make comments on separate slides as well as screen for the audience to view. The comments assist in clearing up any confusion regarding material composed by different team leaders.

PowerPoint can also be accessed by the student through the school portal since it compatible when uploaded to various websites to be viewed by the speaker's target audience. This kind of presentation is suitable for the individuals who choose a text-heavy presentation and those that adore the presentation that applies the profusion of the image.

A picture can be worth a thousand word. The application of the graphics improves the presentation of the message to the students. PowerPoint has the option for importing images, regardless of its resolution, into the photo album presentation. The photos can be adjusted, rearranged and text can be added to add some clarification for easy understanding. The use of images is strongly recommended in the class since it enhances understanding to the students.

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