Paper Sample: The Importance of Sulfur Nitrogen Heterocyclic in Chemistry and Pharmacology

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Sulfur-nitrogen heterocyclic compounds are becoming very popular as they are occupying the prime place in the heterocyclic chemistry. Their properties are made them valuable as drugs, therapeutic agents and also the dyestuffs. Scientific research has shown that these chemicals are crucial in the pharmacological field since they can be used to process the inflammatory, the antibacterial, antidiabetic drugs. The properties possessed by these chemicals are showing excellent antibiotic characteristics and thus can be utilized for manufacturing the antibiotic drugs. For example, some of the compounds that are known to belong to this group have been screened for the ant-HIV activity and have proved to be good. Thus, the heterocyclic compounds that below to the pyrozolines have been synthesized by the pharmacological experts. Since time immemorial, the organic chemistry has investigated and developed the molecules that are utilized for the enhancement of life. Scientific research shows that about 70% of the drugs which used in different areas belong to the Sulphur heterocyclic compounds (Alessandro Dondoni & Alberto Marra, 2003). Furthermore, such compounds are widely distributed in nature through many various biological processes. For instance, it is known that heterocyclic compounds separate from the natural sources and then act as lead compounds that can be utilized in the development of molecules for the biological purposes. Thus, in chemistry, the majority of the heterocyclic drugs are synthesized from the available chemicals which are already fine and are not extracted from their natural sources.

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Among the organic compounds, there are many of them that incorporate more atoms of Sulphur due to their unique characteristics imparted by the free molecules. Such happenings are spearheaded by their unique characteristics and the presences of processes such as the polarization. Furthermore, the methods are also made possible by the presence of the Sulphur stabilizers through the vacan d orbital. Research shows that for many years, the pyrazoline compounds have been very significant in dealing with malaria because they contained the fluorene-carbazole-based polymers which important providers of the thermal stability and higher photoluminescence quantum. The film coating property of the compounds has made them effective in the killing of malaria-causing protozoa. Even though the majority of the compounds are inorganic, they contain ring structures that are bound to a carbon atom and other elements such as the Nitrogen and Sulphur oxygen (Carl, 2015). The non-carbonic compounds that have replaced carbon atoms are referred to as the hetero atoms. The new antimicrobial spectrum compounds and the anti-bacterial agents have been developed due to the reported problems associated with the immediate agents such as the fungal and bacterial resistance and also the unsatisfactory status and other side effects of such compounds. For example, the Schiff compounds which are prepared by the catalyzed acid reactions are important in the synthesis of many bioactive heterocyclic compounds. These drugs are developed by the pharmacologists as a protective agent in the amino and the natural rubber statuses. On the other hand, the Schiffs bases which are significant for relieving the stomach upsets are produced in eco-friendly environments through greener methodologies and synthetic methodologies.

Pyrazoles which acts as chemotherapy agents are crucial in chemistry and pharmacology because they are used for the treatment of infectious diseases. However, with the continuous use of these compounds, problems such as resistance have rendered them ineffective in dealing with such conditions. Thus, the Sulphur nitrogen heterocyclic compounds have been developed to substitute them. Chemists and pharmacologists prefer using the heterocyclic compounds that the pyrazoles because of their diverse biological and chemical activities. For example, it is known that the heterocyclic compounds occupy a place that is unique in both the synthetic and the natural chemistry and thus display a broad range of uses as the agrochemical and the pharmaceutical agents. In fact, some scientists argue that the fused ring of the heterocyclic compounds at the Nth position have been seen to be unique in chemicals and thus have gained high importance in the pharmacological field.

The pyrrole and the pyridine compounds both belong to the nitrogen heterocycles as their molecules have nitrogen atoms that are bound with carbon atom rings. These compounds are important in the field of chemistry and pharmacology as they are used to manufacture drugs and other substance which are crucial. For instance, pyridine is utilized as waterproofing agents, solvent agents and also as rubber additive agents. Furthermore, these compounds are used as the dyeing adjunct and also alcohol denaturant.

Moreover, thiophene which is a sulfur heterocyclic has characteristics that resemble those of the benzene. Its physical and chemical properties are crucial when producing the intermediates of nylon. Such compounds are applied during the purification of benzene compounds. Furthermore, sulfur-containing compounds have been of great interests to many scientists because of their photophysical properties. For example, in many cases, the phosphorescent compounds are used during the organic light-emitting diodes. Their properties assist in achieving short decay lifetimes and defined emission wavelength.

Critical Role of Thiazole Compound as Anticancer and Antimicrobial and in the Pharmacology

Scientific research shows that the substituted thiazole compounds play a critical role in the diverse biology and the nature of the world. Their biological relevant has been seen in the in such aspects as the antitumor, the antimicrobial and the antibacterial or even the anti viability. Furthermore, they are important anticandidal agents (Chunyong, 2004). Scientists have reported that the compounds that contain the thiazole characteristics have extensive biological uses. The properties of these compounds have enabled the manufacturing of anticancer drugs which used for the treatment of different types of cancer.

According to Yang, the synthesis of novel hybrid thiazole mainly targets cancer. For example, 2-phenylbenzofuran a kind of thiazole is known to be the best compound that contains cytotoxic activity and is used for the inhibition of cancer-causing agents. Furthermore, the manufacturing of several new ethyl 2-substituted aminothiazole-4-carboxylate analogs has been attributed to their importance in the antitumor effects. It is in the position to prevent or treat up to 60 human Cancer diseases according to National Cancer Institute (NCI). Their potential anti-cancer activity is significant when dealing with different types of tumor. The compound has been seen to be effective in the treatment of leukemia related cancer through the broad spectrum activity (Chunyong, 2004). Additionally, a series of novel ferrocenyl compounds that contain thiazole derivatives have their anticancer activities being necessary for the elimination of cancer cells in the biological system of an individual (Alessandro Dondoni & Alberto Marra, 2003). Many drugs that contain the piperazine and amide ring are significant in dealing cancer-related cells. Such drugs are important because they inhibit the growth of the tumor and other cancer cells. These compounds are important in different therapeutic areas which include the antipsychotic properties that might result in the growth of tumor cells. It is known that metastasis majorly causes death in patients who have cancer. Thus, in the reported death related to cancer, it has been scientifically argued that 90% of such deaths are caused by the metastatic spread of the disease but not the primary tumor cells. Thus, the thiazole compounds have been used to provide the therapeutic activities in such cases. Pharmacologists used the therapeutic compounds by targeting cancer migrating cells and the angiogenesis and the invasion by such cells. Through metastasis, the cancer cell motility and intravasation are developed for ensuring that the tumor cells do not migrate to other unaffected areas. Research shows that the inhibition of tumor cell migration prevents the tumor cells in the remote sites and their growth in the new sites.

The development of the thiazole compounds might target the survival and the circulation of cancer cells through the drug interference activity. It is also known that the growth of tumor cells in the secondary sites might result in the irreversible damage and thus the window period of the metastasis is also significantly established. In most cases, thiazole compounds act as the anticancer agent. For instance, the ABL inhibitor and the BCR dasatinib are used for the treatment of the chronic types of cancer such as leukemia. Such derivatives are important because they inhibit cancer proliferation and growth and also the formation of the vasculature by the therapeutic targets. Some scientists have found out that the substitution of the methyl on the thiazole nitrogen may reduce the spread of cancer cells. The thiazole has been seen to contain the potent effects of blocking the migration of the MDA-MB-231 cells. Such drugs are known to provide a high anti-migration activity which enables it to form another line of metastatic cells for improving the specific mode drug action on the inhibition of the drug cells.

Furthermore, regarding the inhibition of cancer cells, the protrusion of the membrane of the cell has been attributed to the polymerization effect. An example is seen in the blocking of actin bundling through the binding of the actin regulatory protein that might result in the tumor cell growth.

What is more, the largazole which is a type of thiazole has largely been developed through the pharmacological principles and is known to be among the potent inhibitors of the enzyme histone deacetylase which is known to be responsible for the leukemia cancer development (Sevag, 2001). It is an important thiazole drug because it selectively inhibits the growth of such cancer cells as the fibroblast. It is also crucial in the inhibition of the tumor growth in vivo. Thiazole-4-carbonitrile and thiazole- 4-carbimidate are types of thiazole which are significantly used for the prevention of cancer cell growth especially in young people mainly because of their biological properties.

Known drugs that have Thiazole Structure

(Pyridin-2-yl)thiazoleIt is a drug that is enclosed with a para or meta-carboxamide or the carbonitrile structure. It was estimated that the drug would be activated for the activity of the receptor-like kinase. The inhibitor was seen in the cell based luciferase and would be significant for the inhibition of the cells that would result in cancer and other diseases in the human body. The scientists who came up with the drug applied the knowledge to the adjustment of the molecules to fit the production of such drug. It can inhibit the growth and spread of tumor cells. It acts as an anti-tumor agent through its physical and chemical property that deactivate a cell and destroy its form thus rendering it harmless in the body. The growth of such cells is thus restricted to particular areas only. Its effects can also be restricted to specific areas, and the treatment is made possible through the chemotherapy activity. The interceded transcription is also important for the anti-inflammatory activity, especially in vivo cells.



It contains thiazole structure that is essential for the treatment of cancer-related diseases. It is a flavored material which is to originate in the roasted peanuts....

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