Research Paper on Construct: The International Classification of Nursing Practice

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Date:  2022-04-02


ICNP is a universal approach to compilation, management, and processing of outcomes, interventions, and diagnoses in nursing practice. It has many subsections that focus on cohesive ideas to improve specific priorities in health. Some of the areas that ICNP is concerned with are increasing adherence to care through collaborative parenting and partnership with families of patients, palliative care, pain management in pediatric patients, and indicators of nursing outcome. The framework has standards that are recognized globally as the best practice in each of the areas it covers.

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Management of ICNPThe organization that oversees the ICNP is the International Council of Nurses (ICN), which is also credited for having developed them. ICP proposed the purpose of ICNP and the standards of services that it offers to the World Health Organization, which ratified them as universal practice standards. In most parts of the world, nurses have bodies through which they regulate themselves and their practice. Specific nursing self-regulatory or membership organizations focus on overseeing adherence and professionalism in different aspects of the practice in each country or region. But ICN is concerned with the maintenance of the standards at international.

Purpose of Construct

The ICN developed the ICNP to provide the standard terms and norms in professional nursing practice. It recognized that it is crucial to have universal standards that have common meanings in all the healthcare information systems used in nursing settings all over the world. Therefore, the ICNP is a framework that unifies the many classification systems that have been developed in different settings to guide the measurement of outcomes, interventions, and diagnosis.

Use of Construct

The purpose of the ICNP is to strengthen nursing practice, which is a crucial component and complement of healthcare services. It classifies clinical information and activities of nursing patients. The information developed from ICNP can inform policy formulation and critical decisions that would improve quality of the healthcare delivery and elevate the status of well-being. Through ICNP, statistical reporting and communication have should improve in the health department. Also, INCP can be used to complement other World Health Organization (WHO) classification methods in places where it is relevant to the care provided.

Many words have been adopted and agreed upon in different locations as the professional language for nursing. However, the usage of these words has been as diverse as the professional practice settings. Some of these classifications were developed to target specific phases of the practice. Nonetheless, it is evident from the terms that there was the need to develop terminology that could give the same meanings everywhere. There was a quest to have nurses have shared meanings globally. The expression of nursing outcomes, diagnosis and interventions needed a universal standard of measurement. The idea also made a comparison of practice between one clinical facility and another possible. The healthcare professionals also needed effective ways to communicate patient details when they change their healthcare settings without having to rely on their memories. Besides clinical settings, the terminology was also introduced to enable comparisons in nursing and care across times, geographical locations, and human populations. Given these needs, the ICN formulated the International Classification of Nursing Practice from some of the modern terminologies used in various settings in the past.

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