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Date:  2022-11-07


My love and passion in the business marketing sector were stimulated by my father, who was a business minded person. When I was still in high school, I could accompany my father in his duty. I can testify that marketing skills and strategy are core principles in the prosperity of every business. A business with the best marketing skills and robust administrative power approach the market with professional tactics and able to lure a considerable number of the customer to purchase the goods and services offered, and at the same time, it helps to maintain the competitive advantage, the bargaining power and retention of the existing customers. As an armature marketer at that time, I acquired adequate skills that prepared my perspective to the professional business world and to understand the local and global economy. As it is known, China has a thriving economy that attracts many investors, China's GDP was 12.24 trillion USD (as at 2017), and this is stable as compared to many of the developed countries. The figure translates that China is competitive in the world of business. Being part of this greatest transformation is a privilege. Marketing requires a lot of patience and dedication, especially for the new product and services, since people are yet to get familiarize themselves with what you are offering and they have not yet gained confidence with its reputation as well. From my father, I gained endurance and devotion to get into the dynamic and challenging career path of business administration and marketing. The journey from a young and ambitious marketer and business administrator has been fruitful, up to working with other professional business executives and making the significant decision for the company.

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The Significance of Marketing Skills and Strategies in Business Prosperity

Today, after several decades, my enthusiasm in marketing and business administration has still remained steadfast. My excellent academic and professional achievements have enabled me to develop distinct analytical skills that are also pivotal in the profession. Every morning when I go to work, I get motivated with the satisfied clients who I have served, and also I am encouraged with market performance in regards to the position I serve. I am advantaged to be part of Shanghai Wanghu International Trade Co, Ltd, and Beiying (SZ) Education Industrial Development CO, LTD. Through the organizations that I have served in my full capacity as marketer and business administrators, I have exhaustively applied skills, knowledge, and experiences in International Management, Human Resource Management, Principles of Operations Management together with Leadership and Motivation Negotiation. I have always desired to enhance my prowess in the industry in every opportunity that I am given and in the capacity that I serve. I am more motivated by the business leaders who keep on challenging and encouraging me to perform and put more effort in a better way compared to yesterday.

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

My past experiences have shaped my future goals and objectives. My short-term goals are characterized as a career enhancer and they are based on the competitiveness of my career and the business world. My short-term career goal is explicitly to increase performance metrics; this is more concerned with ensuring customer satisfaction, minimizing production costs, as well as delivering the project within the deadlines since they are all considered as paramount in any business. I am basically focused on promoting the reputation of the organization I am serving, so as to pave way for the attainment of my long-term goals.

Furthermore, my long-term goals are based on both my career development and organization development. It will be founded on building my brand together with that of the company. I want to learn a new set of skills that will enable me to gain in-depth experience in the team-building and leadership. Eventually, this will lead to my second long-term goal which is to ascend through the company's hierarchy system and to become more authoritative in the industry. I will ideally progress from one level to another by sticking in one company for 2-4 years and dedicate and maximize my career potential so as to get promoted before stepping out to another company. Consequently, I will learn a new set of skills and develop more understanding of different aspects in my career path as well as the related industry. In the long run, I will gain experience in leadership and team-building.


I have a strong desire that the Master of Business Administration (MBA) study that I am passionate about will enable me to archive both my short term and long term goals, and at the same time broaden my perspective into different business horizon and identify areas that I can make improvement and gain competitive advantage against other business competitors and curb the business challenges that we are currently faced within the industry and those that might occur in the near future. Indeed, the marketing tactics a decade ago are far different from the ones in the current business environment. Inventions and globalization have advanced the way people approach various matters in the business, hence promoting efficiency and professionalism. Expanding my competitiveness along with gaining more knowledge on how to counter different business aspects that will offer prosperity in my career path is my foremost ambition. I discovered that MBA is a multi-year engagement toward learning, empowerment, and change. My motivation to take MBA originates from my desire to embark on greatest responsibility, advance business acumen, confidence, and stature create a vision for myself and that of others, antagonize complex issues as well as influence decisions and develop a new opportunity for myself. I believe that MBA will not only boost my salary, but also open the doors to the thriving opportunities, and to be able to experience a new place and culture and gaining international recognition. Furthermore, during my MBA study, I am looking forward to getting access to the wide business network. I believe that by interacting with business people with professional management experience, such as the professors, colleagues, as well as the teaching staff, will enable me to accentuate my business management capabilities. Most important about MBA study is that I will gain new skills and knowledge. My objective is to understand the manufacture, advertisement and sale of the new products in the market; maintain the company's finance healthy; restore the company's positive image; collect and interpret the industry data and make decisions on them; how to nurture and maintain a motivated team of employees; and develop hierarchical goals for the organization to thrive on. Studying a Master of Business Administration will take me away from my comfort zone. Fortunately, I anticipate encountering the latest international business trends, and utilizing the latest management tactics.

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