Essay on the Human Resources Systems: Coca-cola Company Recruitment

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Date:  2021-06-22

The concepts that I gathered in at the onset of Human Resource Management (HRM) course has given me a basis and reasons to move around all profit-oriented companies and non-profit oriented companies in search of how human resource management organizations undertake their tasks in the run to ensure fairness. I decided to view the Coca-cola company which is a wide company that has branches in almost all developing countries. In this particular article, I am going to analyze how HRM works at ensuring a discrimination-free employment opportunities, sexual harassment free interviews and management criteria, the safety of employees through job analysis and description in conjunction with the methods of moving with trending issues in HRM roles.

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Job description.

Taking a case study of the Coca-cola company, I scrutinized the organization of HRM in giving the recruitment description, offering chances for higher positions, the challenges they encounter during the hiring process, and the way the HR of the Coca-cola company provides jobs protection on the vacancy adverts. Also, I studied about how they advertise the vacant position. Using the strategies mentioned above and observations, I studied the way HR managers of the coca cola company dealt with a high turnover of recruitment session. Through the study, I found out that, as a Human resource manager, needs to balance their strategies so as to ensure fair recruitment by clearly stipulating the skills required during an interview session, and the experience necessary to avoid becoming biased during the interview whenever there is a high turn up. I further discovered that, on the issue of job description and adverts of the job positions, a good HRM publishes resumes of job opportunities on the companys websites the way Coca-cola company does on its official websites to create awareness to every kind of people (Friedman, 2009).

Employee protection.

I realized that even though most HR managers face the challenge with the companies, they are serving not including employee protection description in their job description, it is the role of HR manager to ensure there is a document that specifies the employee protection strategy by the company in which they are set to serve. I also learned that companies need to lay down steps to ensure no sexual harassment exists in most profit and non-profit organization in return to assuring someone a job (Noe et al., 2014). I found out that it is the obligation of the organization to spark changes in the companys employee protection if the part is not stipulated so as to attract qualified workforce who are more concerned with their security.

In addition to protecting the employees from discrimination and harassment, I learned that the HRM organizations mandate to making a policy statement that stipulates abstinence from sexual harassment are a way of empowering the employees to be vigilant about taking actions by reporting any incidence of attempts to sexual harassment in the work area or within the organization. I also discovered that the way Coca-cola company HR department carries out training programs on all recruits aims at instilling a desired professional behavior in the employees to know their rights and defend them (Wooten & James, 2008). Through publishing sexual harassment procedures, I discovered that the plan helps to enable the employees to follow the right protocol in the direction of seeking their protection from harassment or reporting any incidence of an attempt of an organization's official harassing a junior employee.

Ensuring Opportunities for Employment in the case of the Coca-cola company

According to chapter four, about job analysis and description, I found out that most businesses HRM tries to give their description of the vacant positions or new positions according to the trending situations in the economy. Through providing a job description, they attract people from all disciplines to the interview in order to choose to create opportunities for employment rather than replacing the existing ones.

In the coca cola company, they face a problem of hiring the key employee like the manager since the group of professionals who set the standards of the kind of manager to configure the standards for their designed people to employ in the company. The final decision of the individual in charge of choosing the person to be used may lead to hiring unqualified staff in the business. The above is the reason why the human resource manager faces the challenge of using a full-time manager to hire employees. I also found out that diversity is not considered in hiring the core or first employees of the company since the human resource management seems to be influenced by the extended administration of the Coca-Cola company officials (Fenwick & Bierema, 2008). Therefore, in case there is a selection, retention or training of employees in an organization, HR functions will harken back to and be attached to the hub of Job Descriptions and Specifications.

In conclusion, I can say that the topics were so helpful in engaging in the real world of employment since all the items in helped me relate what I had learnt in analysis of coca-cola company in regard to its HR operations.


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