Exploring Mobile Learning: Utilizing Mobile Devices for Learning - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-16


Mobile learning is the use of mobile devices, especially smartphones, to facilitate learning activity. It involves the utilization of ubiquity and unique features of the device to provide students with learning materials, communicate to them, and create a learning experience that enables the students to engage with the course content. Various applications can be used to facilitate learning through mobile phones. Such may include GooseChase and OneNote, which provide face to face online courses ad enables the capturing and synchronization of images and notes, respectively. Others like Kahoot and Poll Everywhere can be used to improve the classroom experience for the students. Quizlets and Tinycards can be used untethered studying.

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How would you use technology to improve student learning?

The technology can be used to improve student learning through content, communication, computation, and capturing. I would use the mobile learning technology to provide instructional materials which the students can access anywhere. The technology would enable communication with the students when out of the classroom, even in specific field activities. This can be done individually and also as a group through the various available applications. The device would also be very convenient for computation tasks language translation and interpretation of concepts for the students. I can use the device to capture images, videos, s ideas, sounds, and even GPS coordinates, which would improve the students' learning as it makes them understand (Jiuyeng et al., 2010). The applications mentioned above, such as GooseChase, OneNote, Quizlets, Tinycards, and Kahoot, among others, would be used in facilitating all these methods of improving the student's learning experience.

Risk or drawbacks associated with the use of the technology

One of the throwbacks of the use of mobile learning is that it is a source of distraction to the students. For example, the students may use social media, chat share videos, or even play games in the class when they should be using the device to learn. There is the risk of misusing the equipment where the students may use it to bully others. For example, competing on the type of device they have, or take vile pictures and videos of others ad use it against them. Other drawbacks may include a lack of internet connection, software, and hardware issues. This may limit the learning of the students and make use of the technology hard.

How you will minimize the risks or drawbacks to create a safe learning environment

Dealing with the drawbacks of mobile learning can be a bit challenging. However, the best intervention is having a code of conduct according to school rules, which would restrict vile behavior. For example, there may be inevitable consequences if students are caught in committing any of the mistakes, for instance, using the devices for bullying. The school can also have a system for updating the policy and software that students use to avoid the failures it causes. Students would be urged to turn off alerts and notifications when class is going on. Students may also be given a specific time for social media so that they may not be tempted to be online.


In conclusion, mobile learning can be beneficial if utilized well, and the students understand its significance in their learning. It makes teaching very easy and more engaging. There are several drawbacks with the technology, but it cannot be avoided as like any other system.


Jiugen, Y., Ruonan, X., & Jianmin, W. (2010, July). Applying research on mobile learning mode in teaching. In 2010 International Forum on Information Technology and Applications (Vol. 3, pp. 417-420). IEEE.

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