Paper Example on Kenya Students' Insecurity: Garissa University

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Date:  2023-06-11


Presenter: Hello, and welcome to the one o'clock, Nation Television news. I am your anchor Amanda Zula. Our story today is about safety issues among students in one of the Kenyan Universities. We will look at cases of insecurity experienced lately, and its effect on the students of Garissa University. We will shortly join our crew on the ground, but first, let's locate it on the map. (Points at the location on the map of Kenya, Africa).

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Nation's Television's Paul Maduro on standby with more:

[Anchor: Paul]

Paul: This is an issue Garissa University fraternity has always raised. The perennial insecurity cases within the campus and its effect on the students' stay and studies. The Kenyan government reports it is working on a program to deal with it once and for all.

[Take Jason]

(Jason/ Campus administrator): Students receive quite a lot of verbal threats and, in some cases, physical attacks. The latest attack left 148 students dead, and at least 79 others injured. We didn't expect such an attack on innocent students.

Paul: Physical safety is a must if learning is to take place successfully. The University administration and the students' council have lodged complaints. 'One might rightfully think we are back to the crusade era.' The attacks seem to have religious undertones.

[Take Mary]

(Mary Ouma/ a social worker, Garissa): I fear for the lives of women and ladies within the institution. Most attacks do target them. My office receives a lot of rape cases, the worst case of male chauvinism, if I may say.

Paul: Walking around campus has become a nightmare since the attack. 'It is no longer a free world here.'

[Take Miriam]

(Miriam Akech/ Student Dean, Garissa University): Many students have handed in their letters, requesting to be transferred since insecurity became an issue. 'I fear we may have to close down the college.'

Paul: Ok, but the National Security Office say they received your complaints and has since dispatched security officers to this area. Plus, a police post has been built near the college to beef up security.

[Take Bruce]

(Bruce Kimani/ Representative, Fafi Ward): The problem is not just beefing up security, but finding a way to tame the religious fanaticism fanning the attacks. 'Cats and dogs today live in peace, remember.'

Paul: Religious authorities in the area have vowed to come together to speak with one voice about the issue, hence a call for patience.

[Take George]

(George Lango/ University Chaplain): The insecurity within the campus has been an issue for far too long. We no longer have trust in the never-ending peace initiatives and the security system in place.

[Anchor: Paul]

In the meantime, I think you may have to trust the peace efforts the government has launched. The students' council, Representative Bruce Kimani, and the college administration are all looking forward to a state of normalcy in the region very soon. They are, however, urging the security chief to involve the locals and their leaders to find a lasting solution.

Paul Maduro, reporting for Nation Television, Garissa, Kenya.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Essay:

What is the paper's primary focus?

The paper's major goal is to draw attention to the safety concerns that students at Garissa University in Kenya confront, especially those instances of insecurity that have had a substantial negative influence on the students' well-being and academic goals.

Which security-related incidents at Garissa University have been reported?

The document refers to a terrible episode in which an attack left 148 pupils dead and at least 79 others wounded. Additionally, there have been reports of rape cases, physical assaults, and verbal and physical threats on campus.

What are the factors contributing to the insecurity at Garissa University?

The paper suggests that the attacks seem to have religious undertones, and religious fanaticism is being blamed for fanning the violence. Additionally, the targeting of women and ladies within the institution is also a major concern.

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