Essay Sample on E-Portfolios: A New Way to Showcase Professional Best Work

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Date:  2023-01-04


Portfolios have long been used in education to represent a student's or educators' best work. However, this has been replaced by e-portfolios that have replaced the folders. Engaging in electronic showcases is enables users to put their best work within software and services that help with the collection, collation, and organization of work highlights. E-portfolios are dynamic, developmental spaces that are used to represent an individual's professional side. They can be developed from free blogging platforms to modules in learning management systems to dedicated software programs and services. In this paper, I am going to elaborate an electronic portfolio based on 7 PLO's indicating whether each one of them fits the desired requirements.

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PLO 1 Future of video games

The future of video gaming is dependent on the development of new technologies. Development of an effective e-portfolio involves the collection of data which includes specific standards that are aimed at leveraging the objectives of the research. By joining a research team in the community, which provide opportunities and access a broader range of data will be a significant milestone into developing a great e-portfolio. Further, video gaming is a perfect platform for amateurs in developing a high-quality challenge which is essential for technological advancements. For instance, an ICT student needs to develop an e-portfolio to acquire technical capabilities. The idea about producing a gaming software that is aimed at improving the gaming installations and graphics. This can be referred to as developmental e-portfolio. It shows the development of skills over time, for example, the use of joint ventures which will help in the fast growth of the business. It will ensure more control of capital base which will be reflected in the profit margins of the company over time as it will increase productivity. It will also allow for the diversification of products. Application of business models such as SWOT analysis in identifying the gaps in the business is very useful in developing excellent gaming software. After the development, video games need to be sold to targeted markets. Marketing strategies need to be adopted through the use of social media to enable the expansion of marketing base. It is prudent to say that this PLO fulfills all the requirements of developing an e-portfolio because it incorporates the creation of the portfolio, analyzing its effectiveness and finally adopting a marketing strategy which will enable the sale of the products to facilitate leverage the objectives of the business.

PLO 3 Information Communication Technologies

Information communication technologies through the use of computer-based devices, television, internet, radio, and smartphones have presented great opportunities in the entertainment industry. For an ICT student accessing academic information has been made much easier through the incorporation of tools that measure the accuracy of information such as autocorrect, language proficiency, dictionaries among other devices. ICT is used to provide sufficient information that is essential for society. Apart from aiding in ease communication, community dramatically benefits from fast transactions such as money transfers, delivery of services, and warning of incoming disasters among others. Through the use of ICT, there has been the development of a Global Positioning System which is used to track the location of locomotives. Business institutions, on the other hand, use ICT for the accurate keeping of records as well as enabling easy access of the same. Reflecting on the sufficient incorporation of ICT several challenges are witnessed from its adoption. The recent development of social addictions due to unlimited use of the internet and depression are some of the significant shortcomings. While assessing whether this PLO has achieved all the requirements, it is prudent to say that for the assessment e-portfolio, the use of ICT is essential. It gives details of its technical functionalities and the shortcoming of overly depending on this technological development. In the wake of globalization, the use of information communication technologies is very vital for any organization or individual. Adoption of this PLO in running daily activities will significantly show a high degree of positive changes. However, challenges cannot be avoided, but instead, they can be prevented primarily when they deal with addiction problems. This PLO qualitatively achieves these requirements.

PLO 4 Types of Gamers and Communication in Multiplayer Platforms

After the assessment of the future of video games, it is crucial to identify the types of gamers that are involved. On the other hand, communication is essential as a daily survival tactic. Players need to interact through interface while gaming. The invention of multiplayer gamers has brought the need to communicate to others; hence; the rapid growth of multiplayer gaming sites. Communication can be hindered by cultural factors mainly when the players involved use intercultural communication. A study of different types of gamers will help reach an amicable way of accessible communication. Gamers are characterized by several aspects that contribute to group them. They include; the super competitive gamer whose aim at having fun and to win, the Backseat gamer who yell out instructions rather than playing the game and are not good players. The third type is the gambler gamer who makes stakes out of the game and only communicate about stakes and winning. The old-school gamer, on the other hand, did not transition to the technological gaming advancements, hence; are stuck in the old gaming systems. There is a destructive gamer who mainly focuses on how they win, mostly in a negative way. They are closely related to the trophy hunter gamer who only focuses on how they win but may end being defeated in some of the games.

Further, there is the puzzler gamer who uses his brain to look out for logic in the game. The social player uses this chance for socializing and are effective multitaskers, and finally, the hard-core player who look for opportunities to play the game. All these gamers strive to ensure that communication is achieved despite their levels of indifference. PLO requirements entail discussing a topic in details while expressing the benefits and the challenges that can be associated with adopting that given technique. In this particular PLO, all the requirements have been met. The writer goes ahead and indicates different types of gamers and how they affect the mode of communication while gaming.

PLO 5 Future of Video Games

Video games have recently been adopted in different institutions globally. For instance, in schools to help students learn and improve their problem-solving techniques, it is used in training the military department. In as much as the videos games are beneficial, they have contributed to cultivating a lazy culture, especially among the children. Due to the availability of different video games, the outcomes of them are also totally different. For instance, violent games are deemed to develop cognitive skills while developing problem-solving skills which creates creativity.

Further, video games promote social interactions among the participants which have led to the start of charitable organizations. Healthwise, video games have given patients a nice of way of encouraging them to hold on especially for the cancer children. However, it has caused increased health problems such as eye problems, headaches, and sleep deprivation among others which gradually affects the health system of a gamer. The adoption of the multiplayer platforms has been essential especially for the defense departments because they have helped in developing new skills that can be used in tackling battles in real life. Further, education institutions have used online gaming to create mathematical teaching skills will are beneficial to students. Technology has dramatically shaped society. With the significant advancements, there is a likelihood development of human robots in the future. This PLO is entirely satisfactory. It details the future of video games in a proactive nature, and it lists the medical health issues that are associated with overreliance on online video games. However, it further indicates the importance of the videos in all institutions, hence; fulfilling the PLO requirements.

PLO 5 Media Literacy

Media literacy involves publishing and broadcasting platforms for celebrity, personality and entertainment purposes. Most of the entertainment industry is made up of gossip stories which attract a considerably broad audience. Several techniques are used for persuasion purposes and to make the story sound more appealing to the readers. The gossip industry further uses celebrities to create juicy stories for the audience and cater for the supply and demand forces. Again, the use of humor is quite rampant in this industry because it is the only way to grab the public attention with intense use of language that has high persuasive power. The use of a warm and fuzzy technique with the incorporation of sentimental images is used to stimulate feelings of pleasure, comfort, and delight which creates a form of association with the audience.

Further, the use of charisma technique is also adopted which is used to persuade the public by writing definite articles on an over celebrity even when they disagree with their positions which gradually adds them the number of viewers. The persuasive technique is used to make the media, especially the magazines to gain popularity which maximizes their profit margins as a result of increased demands. It is essential to understand the gossip industry to survive in the harsh economy which is saturated with gossip magazines. Media literacy should also indicate the shortcomings of gossip in the entertainment industry how it affects the social personality of an individual and the public in general. This particular PLO has failed to address the challenges that could be involved and therefore, fails to attain all the requirements of the PLO especially in an attempt to develop an e-portfolio system.

Analysis of the PLO's

The above PLO's much fit the requirements of an existing portfolio because they detail the topics and gives the collective discussion of what the problem is about. For instance in PLO 3, the writer qualitatively highlights the essence of ICT in daily lives and gives an example of how it can be adopted in running activities. Further, it provides us with the problems that can be associated with the use of ICT. In establishing a functional assessment e-portfolio, all particulars of a topic need to be addressed in detail to give conclusive feedbacks on the subject. Again, in PLO 1, it is discussed as development e-portfolio because it details the development of videos in a somewhat proactive nature that gives the audience participation and urges to wait for better technological advancements. Content management is a technical aspect that needs to be addressed in e-portfolio; this involves validation of systems, their accessibility to the user and the effect of other networks. In this case, the writer gives two scenarios of ICT development which creates a sub-set of purposes and capture all the information required. In as much as PLO 5 does not meet the requirements, another PLO can be adopted for the same to address the missing data.


E-portfolios are used to enable independent and way of thinking while allowing the audience to focus on a collective work as a way of demonstrating proficiency. It mainly will enable people to reflect on issues to more intensely which will allow build and improve them for future purposes. The use of PLO is used as a more...

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