Case Study Example: Health and Social Care for Carol's Family

Date:  2021-06-24 16:18:47
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Seeing the children living below the poverty line and not having enough was disheartening.

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The questions I would ask Carol are:

Where do you usually get your food? If you cannot get food, what do you do?

Why are you not in school? How much schooling did you do?

Do you want more education? What kind of education?

Are any of your siblings sick and need to go to the hospital?

How old is your child and has, she/he received any vaccination?

Where do you get your clothes and are they comfortable/warm enough?

Where do you get your money? Do you provide sex in exchange for clothing, affection, shelter, food, or money?

What does your mother do? Where is your father?

What are the most important things that you need right now to get by?

The reality is that these children are suffering yet they have a right to better food, shelter education, health, and clothing. The failure of their mother to meet their physical, medical, educational, emotional needs is regarded as psychological abuse, which the children should not undergo. Hopefully, there are programs, which can help the family get the funding and help they need.

2. What are the priorities of care for this family and why?

Since there is a manifestation of child neglect like lack of food leading to hunger, non-compliance with educational needs, failure to seek appropriate health care, abandonment and poor hygiene, priorities for care for Carols family are available. Support is available through childcare systems such as a foster family. Such change will enable Carol, and her siblings receive appropriate development and childcare services such as family counseling, clinical treatment of both psychological and physical injuries and other basic needs. The public service should support the effort of parents to provide adequate food and income supplements, health care, affordable housing, and child day care (Hockenberry & Wilson, 2014).

3. What are the possible health education needs?

A variety of health care and educational programs such as preschool and head start programs can be provided by a health professional who can partner with educators (Maurer & Smith, 2013). This will be essential in preventing the development of problematic behaviors among the children. Educational needs such as providing the children with school choice options such as offering tuition scholarships will be essential for Carol and Amy to meet their educational needs. Offering them education vouchers could be geared to address problems such as educational instability and poor adult advocacy. Health care need for the family can be improved through the joint delivery of interventions regarding child survival such as infant and child feeding, home management of illness and care-seeking, and access to health systems and facility (Hockenberry & Wilson, 2014). Providing the family with appropriate treatment and counseling their mother on nutrition and home care is critical. Such interventions will be essential in delivering adequate care for the children.

4. What referrals (interdisciplinary) would you make?

A strong political commitment should be made to expand and strengthen efforts for addressing the needs of Carol and her siblings. The health outcomes of the children should be increased by devoting resources for the delivery of critical health services primarily to the poor (Maurer & Smith, 2013). It is important to develop effective strategies that assist communities and families care for their children.

5. What community health issues must be considered for this family?

Community health issues that need to be considered for the family include child abuse and neglect, adolescent pregnancy, hunger lack of affordable housing and poverty. Understanding the problems of the family will help deal with it more effectively by developing programs to care for both the educational and health needs of the children.


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