Ken Robinson's Presentation on "Do Schools Kill Creativity" Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-06-16


The creative spark is a segment of Ted Talks program which presents a list of various videos from creative speakers such as designer Starck, Steve Jobs, writer Gilbert Elizabeth and many more. The presentation ranges from technology, theater, to multiple factors that influence the quality of life. This paper analyses Ken Robinson's presentation on "Do Schools Kill Creativity" as well as how it relates to the concept of curiosity and imagination as and elaborates stages of creativity (Robinson, 2006).

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Stages of Creativity

Ken Robinson presented this talk in 2006 February at Monterey in California. He elaborates on how creativity can be beneficial to schools. He presents how it is the challenges in the first stage. Creativity can help lessen the setbacks that might be encountered in the long term. If schools do not embrace creativity, there are no opportunities for ideology development. In this stage, sufficient ideas should be established to form a pool of perspectives to choose from (Ruggiero, 2014).

How It Relates to Concept of Imagination and Curiosity

The gift of imagination helps in seeing the discovering aspects of creativity for the richness they are and to facilitate children's development. He points to an example of wrongdoing. Children are usually curious and they are never afraid of being wrong as they ask questions. In this process of imagining and attempting things, they can elucidate originality. Furthermore, all children are born creative, and it only becomes an issue of how to remain the same as they grow up. When people express curiosity by asking questions, they tend to grow within creativity.

How It May Apply in Personal Life and Benefit Society

Robinson discusses how one can recognize and embrace children's curiosity which can lead to great creativity (Robinson, 2006). He talks passionately about exploring different avenues of opportunities other than educational aspect. He posits that in most educational systems, there is a form of a hierarchy of subjects. Dance and drama are equally as important as math, arts, and other subjects. While in high school, I loved to take part in dance and drama. My parents used to insist that I should study more and become a scholar. They were quite amazed at how I embraced creativity in dance and drama. Robinson's utilizes examples of how schools can influence career choice of leaners. This influence goes a long way in impacting the society. If schools emphasize on educating teachers, professors, the society would lack musicians, dancers, and entertainers. The society at large should embrace creativity, and through the schools, we destigmatize stereotypes which limit creativity and innovation.


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