Experience From Your Life That Changed the Way You Think Essay

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Date:  2022-06-27

Peace and harmony in the community lead to sustenance and development, but conflict with one another will blind us and live like dogs. For long I have experience and cherished the fruits of peace and never wished to have it disappear in my life. However, I was born and grew knowing that many countries have been devastated by weapons that they have carried on their hands, antagonistically at war. And the experience I had in life taught me that, we are born innocent and peaceful but we are manipulated to turn against one another for the gain of others, but with the peace, we can build one another.

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During inter-school competitions, different schools in the regions participated regardless of their ethnicity or religious beliefs. I represented my school in the 1000 meters relay completion which was made-up of 4 members. It is known, relay completion requires a lot of teamwork, discipline as well as determination; my team had adhered to all that, and it made its way up to the final competitions. At last, we were five teams from different schools, all of the use focusing on the top price, and of cause for fame, respect and privileges from our the school. We had trained hard for the race, and at the blow of the whistle were swift against our opponents to win the race. We manage to scope the first position, though it was no that an easy win, all together we celebrated for our victory, and we were always united as one from the training until the end of the race. I was leading the training since I was slightly older than them.

Days after the competition, a school organized a prize giving day, attended by various guests and school community where we were honored and received some wards which included scholarships. Our parents were called forward to take the photo with us, and they introduced themselves by their names. From the way they introduced themselves, we realized that our relay team comprised of rivalry communities a Palestinian and a Jewish. It was shocking to the attendance since it is known that the two communities can never work together due to the conflict they have been having for decades. There was also a perception that the two communities are selfish and cannot cooperate with others. But from the experience I have had with them, all the allegation and propaganda are void.


Conclusively, I can substantiate that, from my experience with the two communities, Jewish and Palestine, they need to be treated like ordinary people and they can work together with other communities and deliver outstanding results. Also, I realized that in activities involving multicultural communities, it is important to uphold peace and sustainability in nurturing better future and leadership in this new generation. We should never be restrained by the ancient believes of antagonism and conflicts without any firm basis. Additionally, we have to seek the solution in case there is some misunderstanding with one another to preserve peace and sustainability.

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