Essay on the Red Cross: 97 Million Volunteers United for Humanitarianism

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Date:  2023-03-02


The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is an intentional movement ha deal with humanitarian programs. The movement consists of about 97 million volunteers, staffs and members globally. The origination formation is based on protecting human life and health, ensuring all human beings are respected, and prevents and eliminate any human suffering. After World War in the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies was founded (IFRC) based on a concept from Henry Dunant in the year 1859.

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Regardless of nationality, race, religious belief, political opinion, or class, the movement is dedicated to providing services to all human beings in distress. The Red Cross has refused to take sides to accomplish its mission. Therefore, in case of any dispute such as religious, political, or racial. The Red Cross will intervene without favoring any side. Due to its massive member and volunteer employment Red Cross has remained one of the most significant movements around the world.

Fundraiser and donating blood at red Cross

I volunteered in the Red Cross movement where is used to sell their pins to raise money to help homeless people. More so, I was a regular blood donor. Not only providing the homeless with a friendly face, I thought of being much more, I started selling the Red Cross pins across the city and neighborhoods to raise some cash to help the homeless. I believed in being a changemaker. Hence, the best way was to team up with my fellow youths who have a passion for caring about others. I realized that a social change starts when people come together that will reciprocate to a significant impact. Helping the homeless was something that has been minding, but I alone could not take them out of the streets, but I could have a slight impact by taking part in large movements such as Red Cross.

Furthermore, I am a great believer in humanity, and I love saving people's lives in their homes and out in the streets. It is not hard to help people in stroke, heart attack, or seizure. Therefore, engaging in first aid movements such as the Red Cross, I could take part in saving lives. Hence, I decided to be a regular blood donor within the movement. After a few lessons and guidance, I could consider a role in blood donating and encouraging the community to take part in this high activity. Due to my sincere dedication, I was able to receive a Volunteering Development Award.

Participating in Project Shine

I also volunteered in the projects shine where I was recruit in a service-learning program. The program is created to help the immigrants and elderly students who are having English as their second language. The program is organized to train and educate the college students of San Francisco. I attended a two weeks training at every start of the school semester to be a SHINE coach. The best thing about this program is that there is no or lintel experience is required from the volunteers. After some dialogue and vetting from the SHINE managers, I was able to be assigned a non-credit ESL class that was able to fit according to my schedule. This volunteering movement is known across America. The San Francisco and San Francisco have partnered to help the society in bringing community development. As a member of the Shine movement, I used to work as a tutor teaching senior citizens from china English as a Second Language. In addition to this, I also provided a voluntary teaching in mandarin to the interested people.

Anthony's Dining Room and Social Service

In my voluntary journey, I also worked at Anthony's Dining Room and Social Service, where I used my caring how to help the homeless people. The facility was well designated to welcome the people who were not privileged such as the homeless and the low-income earners. The facility made these people feel comfortable and appreciated within the society, something that I think is being human. Apart from welcoming them, I also volunteered in activities such as serving meals to them. The organization depends mainly on volunteers. This facility services more than 12,000 people per year, where it welcomes every people in regales of the community they come from. The best thing in volunteering is that I was effectively empowered by the community who seem like a family to me. From this activity, I learned more about the community more so compassion and understating through sharing.

Volunteer at Laredo, Texas

I also volunteered on a trip from mercy high school to Laredo dentition habitat for humanity. During the volunteering time, I used to interview Mexican immigrants to learn more about the political condition back in Mexico. From the interaction, I was able to learn more about foreign policies, domestic violence, and civil rights. Furthermore, I was able to be able to help the less privileged by partnering with the Habitat for Humanity in building houses.


A pat from volunteering, I am a person who loves engaging in various hobbies. However, finding what is interesting and exciting to me was hard. I finally came to learn that I am interested in playing Piano, Swim, Training Cat and Learning French. I have been involved in playing the piano since I was ten years old. During that time, I met my mentor, whom I cannot remember her now. However, living in the distance from my home, I got to learn much from her. She was so enthusiastic, and I think I got to learn how to be enthusiasm from her. I also took and still take spat in swimming, something that has made me keep fit and be able to engage in any challenging activity or situation.

Moreover, I was a cat trainer, where I came to learn more about animals and an analytical thinker to be able to solve significant problems. The French class was also good in my developments. It made me meet new friends and be al to develop excellent communication skills with others.

Working at Daiso

Apart from volunteering, I also engaged in a real working experience in Daiso organization in December 2017. I the organization, I was able to learn more about statistics and economics as I was a cashier. While working in this company, I was able to learn a lot from career matters, I learned about necessary Math skills that I did not have. I also became a fluent communicator due to delay interaction with customers and colleagues. While at the organization, there were schedules and tasks needed to be executed in a specified time, hence, I was able to come up with the ability to effectively manage my time and prioritize my chores.

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