Essay on Acadia Pharma: Improving CNS Health With Innovative Therapies

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Date:  2023-02-11


Acadia Pharmaceutical Inc. is a biopharmaceutical firm whose goals entail improving the quality health among patients who have issues with their central nervous system. The organization's objectives fall under innovative therapies which assist in developing drugs for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS). The main objective of the company entails research, develop, market, and distributing drugs in the context of healthcare (Ginter, Duncan & Swayne, 2018).

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Actions Required to Accomplish Healthcare Organization's Objectives and Sequence the Actions Should Be Accomplished

The first action step is the development of an alternative strategy which would ensure the organization stays on track to achieve the stated goal. In this step, the management should put into consideration a feasible alternative according to the financial capability of the organization. Also, payment should be made with regards to the strategic areas to determine their strengths and feasibility. The process is expected to be conducted inclusively within four months, under the supervision of top management. The second action step entails the evaluation of the strategy alternative selected by the administration about the strategic areas therein. The evaluation process is facilitated with the help of stakeholders present in Acadia Pharmaceutical Inc. The activity involves consideration that the strategic areas suit the environmental constraints and the objectives and goals from the first step. The evaluation of either strategic regions is expected to take place in one month. The third action step entails the implementation of the strategy, which is the initiation of leading the vision step. The management of Acadia Pharmaceutical Inc. tasked with running the project, which would ensure the initial goal of performance improvement realized. There is no specific time frame to achieve this, but the operational program is expected to begin within one month.

Parties Responsible For Accomplishing Each Action

In Acadia Pharmaceutical Inc., the management team, shareholders, workers, and customers are parties that take part in the action required since they are the stakeholders. In this process, the role of the management team is to facilitate all planned activities. Therefore, they lead other parties in ensuring everything conducted focus on organization goals. Stakeholders ensure every concept designed is put in action by contributing resources toward the project. The role of the workers is to share internal strengths and weaknesses as required in the plan. This technique helps to create a competitive condition for a project. It is the role of customers to give the company information regarding external performance. In the company, top officials make decisions. When making a decision, the Chief Executive Officer leads the group. In some case, the management may engage stakeholders, especially if a decision has a lot of influence in the running of the organization (Ebener & Smith, 2015).

Organizational Resources Required

The company has employees who are highly skilled due to the highly successful learning and training programs (Department, n.d). Acadia also has an active dealer community based on the influential culture of the distributors and dealers. Moreover, Acadia has a successful track record of developing new products. Additionally, the company has high customer satisfaction levels because it has a dedicated department which works hard to ensure that the present customers are highly satisfied. Additionally, ensuring that potential customers have good brand equity. The company is also successful at executing new projects which generate returns hence having a good return on capital expenditure. Acadia Inc. has steady free cash flow, which provides resources.

Results Measurement

The culture of Acadia provides for measurement of quality. It helps in building the behaviors and also mindsets of the company workers in production (Luu, & Le, 2019). The values of Acadia include excellent customer service, teamwork, innovation, and continuous improvement, which provide a basis for measuring results.


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