Essay Example on Unlock Your Potential: The Value of Educational Counseling

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Date:  2023-04-24

Educational counseling is a vital concept for pupils and students in any given school, due to the fact that school brings together people from different races, cultural beliefs and practices, and economic backgrounds. Schools are entrusted with a crucial role of ensuring that every learner is able to achieve his/her best in the wide spectrum of education. This means that schools must help their learners get past various emotional barriers, fear and the feeling of exclusion often experienced in the school set ups.(Maree 2019)

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According to Ruth 2018, good characters are cherished and coveted in the society since they give the impression of tolerance and the ability of co-existence. However, as a result of several negative factors in the education set up .For instance learners forming friendships based on social classes calls for the need of counseling to aide polish and redefine personalities. Furthermore, counseling empowers learners with the necessary skills of dealing with personal undoing and emotional conflicts.

The need of educational counseling is undoubtedly important as it embodies several key character molding and development in learners. The merits of the counseling process include; creating a balanced and conducive platform for learners experiencing various constraints in life to openly talk about them, this helps reduce death statistics in learning institution due to depression. Most learners undergoing depression in life lack people to share their stories with hence turning to desperate actions like committing suicide as a means of doing away with their pains.

Furthermore, educational counseling shapes and models the behavior of the learners by instilling the sense of discipline. Discipline is essential in setting and realizing goals , a properly counseled an guided learner possesses vast and efficient knowledge of carrying out academic duties and other different day to day tasks .(Maree 2019) .Moreover, discipline that is achieved through the means of educational counseling changes the perspective by which learners view ways of doing things. Throughout generations, learners have grown up knowing that discipline can only be achieved through harsh means like administering punishment.

Effective counseling equips students with guidance concerning different psychological problems which may be experienced in and out of school. (Ruth 2018). If left unattended to, psychological problems may substantially eat into the productive time of the student affected resulting into poor performance in class. Creating counseling sessions and properly designing topics that revolve around various corners of life, develops the problem solving capacity of the learners by equipping them with the required skills.

Moreover, Students learn the virtue of co-existing in harmony with others and even the members of the society when properly counseled. For instance, learners develop mindful communication skills like talking politely with both the peers and other members of the society. The society gauges learner's ability to co-exist with others by looking into how they behave and respond to various life scenarios. Here, tolerance is an important virtue that can only be fostered through ocassional counselling sessions within the school.

Nonetheless, educational counseling comprehensively aides in bridging the notorious gap that exists between the students and the school administration. Effective counseling platforms present in the administration's office makes it possible for learners to air their concerns and views to the school's administration. Consequently, by promptly acting on raised issues by students, the school administration paints a picture of how effective the counseling facility within the administration office is. (Ruth 2018).

Undoubtedly, educational counseling programs assists the students in obtaining well elaborate advice on courses, careers and job opportunity available in the market. This immensely boosts the decisions made by the learners since they get the privilege of being pre-informed hence proper understanding of the choices present before them in any given area. Also, such career building sessions contribute towards bringing up a motivated learner since they become more goal oriented.

According to Maree 2019, counseling is essential in fighting back moral decadence, such as warning against the use and abuse of hard drugs like alcohol, bang. Students are able to get exposure to experiences of reformed drug users who openly talk about them in the counseling forums, this creates a perfect chance of educating them about how such practices can permanently destroy their lives and derail their purpose. It equally teaches the learners how to behave and the approaches to take when faced with drug related issues.

Teachers in the schools also find the counseling sessions helpful and supportive, school counselors are often competitive enough to share with teachers about several mandatory concepts, on how to help their learners set educational and personal goals. Nonetheless, the school counselors may assist in careful planning and executing of both individual classwork and group activities. (Maree 2019) This can be realized by the school counselors' gathering and facilitating the skills sharing process with the teachers. In turn, the teaching staff is able to quire and adapt efficient classroom management skills hence attaining teaching effectiveness.Teachers are also able to develop observatory skills hence properly attending to their students need.

Lastly, educational counseling creates a sense of belonging among students as it scraps off the feeling exclusion among students due to incompatibility drawing from several angles of life like social differences. This enhances unity in the learning institution, with unity comes a long range of benefit to both the students and the teaching staff as the school develop a cultures ensuring all students get to progressively perform academically.(Ruth 2018)

In conclusion, the world is fast evolving and learners need to be well prepared to deal with the distinct challenges brought about by its evolution. This can exclusively be archieved by building an alround learner who is not only academically oriented but also able to cope up with the day to day challenges in life. Thus, educational counseling is a crucial tool in make this a reality.

Share your ideas on the current issues in the educational system globally.

The education sector globally is facing an era full of current emerging issues, these issues adversely affect the students, the teaching staff and the learning institutions' administration. Also, these issues cut across the entire social , political and economic spectrum of nearly all the nations in the world.

For instance, the comparison between the wealth gap and social mobility is an inevitable trend in the education system. The economic gap that exists between the poor and the rich is fast expanding; this inequality is translated in educational institutions as the rich are able to acuire best services in terms of education. Consequently, the poor unable to access proper schools tend to settle for less by opting to get education from school with poor teaching facilities such as inexperienced staff, inadequate teaching equipment and generally a poor learning environment. (Goren & Yemini 2017)

Moreover, with migration on the rise, there exist many people travelling around the globe, recent statistics show that Asia has outdone Europe as it currently stands as the preferred destination by migrants. The mobility is essential in creating of diversity in culture, and new minds hence new ambitions. (Mundy., et al 2016). However, it entails its own challenges .For instance, it becomes difficult for learning institutions in the host country to efficiently accommodate learners from around the world. This raises a question of which school bears the responsibility of teaching about globally shared values and how to integrate them for maximum compatibility within learners.

According to Goren & Yemini (2017). The decision as to whether to acquire, online or offline education is a confusing current issue in the education system. The internet has witness an age where it is viewed as an epitome and critical integral component every young person's life. The time frame spent online by young people in most countries around the world has significantly been on the rise. So captivating is the concept of internet learning to teenagers that they feel unmotivated by simply being not able to access the internet. The school system has not been able to effective implement the concept as it exposes to several negative side effects such as cyber bulling, also, its true role in learning has not been properly determined.

Furthermore, deciding on what value to teach and not teach is a key emerging issue in the education set up. Owing to the fact that everybody expects values to be taught at school, but fail to state the exact values to be taught. With the rapid growth of the digital platform, everyone is able to his/her opinion but with no assurance as to whether they access reliable and non-biased information or not, this makes it difficult for learners to differentiate between fiction and facts. Consequently, the school finds it hard to teach students how to know the difference between opinions and objective information.

Lastly, the necessity of empowering both the teaching staff and the learners or empowering one and sidelining the other is a dilemma in the education system around the world. (Mundy., et al 2016). Most education institutions around the universe prefer to fully equip their teachers with skills so that they can in turn pass the same to the students. However, the current education system tries to advocate for equality thereby creating a point of conflict between the teachers and the students since one has to still feel more empowered than the other.


In a nutshell, all the education system in the world are being faced with massive changes which they are not adequately prepared to effectively handle and contain. This calls for a proper scrutiny and review of the existing education systems and adjusting the various sectors of the education systems to meet the fast evolving trends.


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