Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction in Training Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-08

Training, particularly in large-scale context, may be problematic for trainers who seek to keep trainees active and engaged in a training program. Thus, Robert Gagne suggested a sequence of events which adhere to a systematic instructional design procedure which share a behavioral technique to learning with a concentration on results of a training or instruction behavior. Additionally, each of his listed instruction events has some correlation with both the design principles and the adult learning theory. Therefore, to ensure that the instructional design procedure is systematic, Gagne adapted the following steps as portrayed by Khadjooi, Rostami and Ishaq (2011).

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  • Gaining attention
  • Enlightening participants of goals
  • Inspiring recall of prior learning
  • Give the content
  • Offering learning direction
  • Stimulating performance
  • Offering feedback
  • Evaluating performance
  • Improving retention and transfer

Gagne's model has a significant correlation with training design principle and adult learning theory. His model relates with the former in that Gagne's model acts as the best approach to ensuring that training design principles are systematic and effective. This is due to its ability to provides a structure to training strategy and a holistic view of the training program in general. On the other hand, Gagne's nine events of instruction is a primary notion in adult learning theory since the majority of training and education instructions seeks to shift knowledge acquired from training to the actual world settings (Ullah, Rehman & Bibi, 2015) The learning environment usually differs from the real context of the application, therefore, the ultimate objectives of training are not accomplished lest such transfer occurs which has been eased through use of the Gagne's nine events of instruction.

In my current position as a student, my undergraduate degree as a form of a training program for future occupation encompasses a vital part of conventional lectures. Therefore, centered on the Gagne's nine events of intrusion, the lectures can be interactive resulting in efficient learning and training. Our professor has knowledge and exposure to the Gagne's events of instruction which acts as an aspect of contact session in our communication skills class. The professor is effective in using the Gagne's nine events of intrusion since he has enhanced my application of communication skills both in learning and training sessions as well as in the general life. He extensively uses all the components of the Gagne's nine events of intrusion in teaching which ensures his effectiveness. For instance, he uses gaining the attention of students by presenting a scenario and illustrating significant images to learners as campaigned by Ullah, Rehman and Bibi (2015). This ensures that the content taught is easily comprehended and stored by all students including the short memory learners and average students like me.


It is evident that the utilizing Gagne's nine events of intrusion in training produces significant results. However, this only possible if the trainer has exposure to Gagne's model and can utilize it effectively. Therefore, where the trainer has significant knowledge of the Gagne's nine events of intrusion like in my experience, they are likely to enhance and accomplish training objectives.


Khadjooi, K., Rostami, K., & Ishaq, S. (2011). How to use Gagne's model of instructional design in teaching psychomotor skills. Gastroenterology and Hepatology from bed to bench, 4(3), 116.

Ullah, H., Rehman, A. U., & Bibi, S. (2015). GAGNE'S 9 EVENTS OF INSTRUCTION-A TIME TESTED WAY TO IMPROVE TEACHING. Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal, (4), 535.

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