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Dizziness, withdrawal symptoms, headache. Vomiting, insomnia, drowsiness, blurred vision, trouble concentrating the diagnosis showed that she had a major depressive disorder:

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  • the patient is to be put to tests to examine her condition whether she has a depressive disorder that is causing the suicidal feelings
  • the patient seems to have been using some coping skills where she smokes cocaine now that she does not have meds
  • the nurses find it good that the client is given medicines for the suicidal thoughts conditions to reduce the depression levels. The care plan for psychiatric mental health Nursing Diagnosis includes the following Intervention, outcome, Evaluation, and Rationale.

Outcome Intervention Rationale Evaluation

Depression - When a person is at risk of suicide it means that they are experiencing life-threatening injury or self-infliction.

Feeling unworthy- People wanting to take away their lives may be experiencing the following depression, Feeling unworthy, their anger might have turned inwards, Inner feelings of guilty, several failures in their attempt activities or work, the pain they experience after being left by their significant other, reality misinterpretation and hopelessness.

Trouble-time and distress- The desire to commit suicide is made indirectly or indirectly by such people. This means that they are having a plan to commit suicide and they mean to carry it (Townsend, & Morgan, 2018). Some start writing a will and putting their plans for business in Order.

Spending time with the client- The nurses will discuss with the client the experience that makes them feel like committing suicide by encouraging honest feelings verbalization. Intervention with a client will help a nurse understand the stage at which the grief is. They allow the clients to fully express their feelings. Spending time with the client will make them feel wanted a feeling of safety and security ( Townsend, & Morgan, (2018).

Advising the person affected- A client may be helped by finding a community resource that will support them or request help from in case of a suicidal feeling. The female gender attempt suicide more but the male often succeeds in it. The suicide rate among people is usually those that of 15 to 19 years of age. Those individuals in high class are prior to committing suicide than the people of lower and middle class. Statistics also show that white people are at higher risk of committing suicide.

Providing pieces of information that they still do not have- the psychiatrist needs to focus on medication which is safe that administered by and includes medication tools that are safety and information the health care administration to the most vulnerable patients like the elderly, children, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.

Reasons Behind the Suicide Thought

Limiting distractions by applying clinical applications for diagnosis - The questions about administration, safety to the patient and dosing are quickly answered to notify the client (Townsend, & Morgan, 2018).

Providing clients with comprehensive initial information because this is what they will remember more than subsequent information.

The kind of thoughts in their mind Understanding the diagnosis procedure and trying to show understanding to the client- there should be continuous administration of safe medication focus. This is done by having safety tools for medication and medical care information about the patients that are most vulnerable that include pregnant women, the elderly, the breastfeeding mothers and children.

Expressing an understanding of why the diagnosis procedure was performed and making sure the client experiences no other symptoms of fatigue during the sessions (Townsend, & Morgan, 2018).

Psychiatric Care Nursing plans are an important part of the clinical work for clients with psychological problems. A nursing care plan a process that is formal and used by nurses to reorganize potential risks or needs and to identify the existing needs correctly. This also gives patients and nurses a means communication between them and win health care outcomes from the healthcare providers. It is a written tool that will help a nurse student when it comes to writing a process for the nursing for the clients that have psychiatric-mental health which is done through evaluation from assessment. A psychiatric Nursing Care Plan is considered as a requirement that a Nursing student should complete in order to the clinical component that is a part of this course. Townsend text that is relevant to the problem that a client has should be incorporated from this theory by the students (Townsend, & Morgan, 2018). When a person gets the feelings to commit suicide, they should seek a nurse's help and intervention.


Townsend, M. C., & Morgan, K. I. (2018). Psychiatric mental health nursing. Concepts of care in evidence-based practice. (9th Ed.). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.

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