The Webinar the Road to Elder Care Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-29

The webinar on the road to elder care based on the elder caregiving for elderly people is effectively manifested in the Webinar presentation. The webinar tends to emphasize the published caregiving assessment tools, and conducting responsibility giving assessment particularly on the elderly and communication. As stated in the webinar, the elder caregiving is found to be enhanced in situations where the interprofessional team members are actively engaged in the road to elderly care, and use of the benchmark is associated with sustained improvement. Caregiving is a natural component of life we are obliged to care for older adults in our society. In the webinar, it tries to educate individuals on proactive care.

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What if concept, is conversation for future. There are there thing focuses on such as respect the individual, do not push the older individuals to talk about what they do not want to but still do not drop the topic too. The elements are effectively categorized into "buckets "thus makes it very easy to follow up such as the legal issues, the health proxy, the living will. These are brought out as practical issues. The caregiving in the webinar is broken down into several categories that make it easy to follow. For instance, in the webinar, they are sorted regarding health matters, financial matters, home safety matters, and legal matters.

There are also documents that help guide through the webinar and can also be used as the source of reference.again, and the webinar helps to create awareness in the elder caregiving , for instance, informs the interested individuals like the idea of having the elder attorney. Moreover,it highlights various financial issues like a way of gaining access to money or account on behalf of our relatives such as the old who may be in need of caregiving services for day to day living; however, the access to the money does not make the trustee reliable.

Strengths of the webinar

Considering the challenges to elder caregiving, most of the relatives and family members tend to go online to search for ways on how to care for their elderlies in the society; and many people begin to search for professional webinar software that helps to conduct the caregiving for the elders. The webinar has several strengths which include: the webinar seems to enable families and the caregivers of the elderly to access such materials on how to care for the old anytime; through the webinar, there is provision of more fields for selection; Webinars have made it possible for the caregivers to pause between caregiving session or process and start again at a time of their choosing and again, the webinar is relatively cost-effective since the traveling costs and other expenses due to the caregiving.

Weaknesses of the webinar

The webinar seems to have certain fallbacks which include: the audio and the pictorials do not match and the user of the webinar may quickly get confused;again,someone is likely to focus on reading the pictorial in motion and not pay much attention to the audio part of the webinar and again, it seems not to be applicable to some browsers and this inconvenience potential users. Moreover, the webinar is a one-way presentation, and there is no chance for interaction face to face except via the chat portal.


In summary, the webinar offers a significant opportunity for the participants and presenters; however, it is of the essence to be aware of the possible strengths and changes with this type of online training and plan correctly to avoid confusion. The webinar has become very popular since they are inexpensive and easy to formulate and covers a broader audience. The webinar on the road to elder care seemed to be specially arranged and prepared for the target audience.

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