Application for Scholarship to Study International Marketing

Paper Type:  Application letter
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Date:  2022-02-17

Dear Selection Committee,

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I'm writing in application for scholarship to assist me throughout my period studying International Marketing and Brand Management MSc programme at the University. My primary goal is to create efficient and sustainable changes to improve international marketing practices across the world. My lifetime journey consists of three central commitments; to find the values and systems that can make significant changes to people's life; to take part in, to understand; and to contribute meaningful improvements. In fact, this defines common ground with my enthusiasm and some of the marketing dynamics. If I would be awarded the chance to study further in my field with the help of Lund University Global Scholarship, I will have an opportunity to add one of the most significant milestones to my journey of being an inspirational leader.

I received my BSc degree in Business Administration from Middle East Technical University (METU). METU is one of the leading universities in Turkey. By being among top 3 percent in the university entrance examination out of approximately two million students, I was eligible to attend this university. Undertaking a business administration degree has prepared me for advanced business writing, conducting market research, and analyzing consumer-customer paradigm. During my bachelors, I was leading some student's club activities while also working with corporate firms that contribute to my leadership and intellectual vision, therefore, my performance academically doesn't seem impressive. However, despite the fact that my CGPA is at 2.70/ 4.00, three marketing related courses points are 3.50/4.00 on average.

During my third year, I joined Unilever Company as a business development intern. As an intern I had the experience to lead a project that aims at optimizing route to market for the company. That year however, a new distribution location was considered and set up according to my project. I applied it in the nationwide competition of Unilever Ideathrophy in 2012. In the competition, I used marketing strategies related to efficient use of renewable resources, and we were among the top ten projects out of 300 competitors that year. In my third year also at the university, I was leading and coordinating universal projects at AEGEE-Ankara which is a non-profit organization that deals with issues of environmental sustainability, human rights, and personal development. I led a project called 'bookmobile' which aims to reach students in financial hardships and encourage them on the importance of reading books.

Upon my graduation, I chose L'Oreal Company to work for because as I observed L'Oreal has the inspirational impact that changes Turkish woman's beauty standards as well as presenting useful campaigns to bring awareness about feminity. I'm still managing key account sales-marketing operations and leading L'Oreal's strategies to the field for two to five years. I applied strong marketing campaigns like 'looking external to drive internal change' to the sales points through the help of media tools. As a result, my team managed to be among the competition finalists from a group of 400 participants thanks to the operation.

It is exciting times to challenge current marketing strategies with new changing world which is growing with social media, big data, and user-generated contents. Innovations that raise profits and sustainability plans are affected by these new era tools. However, these marketing practices will keep going to improve human conditions and explain human needs ethically? I'm also eager to be involved in research on marketing ethics and social responsibility through understanding the global consumer culture evolution, brands, and innovations. Lund's vision and expertise will provide me with an advanced level of knowledge on using these tools, Sweden's worldwide brand ecosystem will improve my practical skills of strategic decision making, likewise and I will contribute the programme with my innate leadership potential and with my intellectual and stimulative personality.



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