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Foodservice management involves running and supervising the food services operations within an organization. In higher education levels, it has been included in the programs offered, it has several job opportunities such as restaurant manager, health specialist, executive chef, and even catering manager, and this is why it is provided as a career for students interested in this field. Foodservice is a business that prepares food for customers, and the foodservice managers supervise the staff and manage the operations or activities and the business to satisfy the customer needs and gain profits. Foodservice operations provide a variety of types of food within the business, and they involve activities that enhance the business analysis and continuous maintenance of the service quality (National Restaurant Association, 2019). The foodservice operations can be used to analyze the consumer and market, provision, production and service, interpretation of demand, control of the costs, and revenues, to mention but a few. It includes hotels, restaurants, school cafeterias, and healthcare facilities.

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In our case, we are going to focus on the restaurant aspect. This project includes making a business plan for a foodservice operation. Restaurants take the largest portion of the food service industries, and they offer a wide variety of foods. True Food Restaurant is a family company and is widely known. It specializes in the production and distribution of exceptional, quality organic food. In most circumstances, many people often take these organic foods since they are fresh, healthy, and recommended by doctors (National Restaurant Association, 2019). It helps prevent cancer and keep people healthy. This has increased the probability of meeting the rising demands in the current market, and with this, the sakes of organic food are rapidly growing.

True Food services the demands and needs of the consumers, and its main objective are ensuring greater customer satisfaction. Its related objectives or mission include serving quality foods that are affordable, knowing, and understanding our target market, which also involves managing and proper maintenance of good customer relations. The prices are so important, and it varies with the target consumers (Pearson, 2016).

Food Service Operation Details

Organizations have many options for food production, and these foodservice industries are always divided into commercial and non-commercial segments. Restaurants are commercial, and there are full-service restaurants that provide simple food & moderate menu prices as well as quick-service restaurants (Fast Food) that offer reasonable prices and limited menus.

True Food restaurant offers a basic menu that includes organic foods. The prices are reasonable and affordable to the customers; we, therefore, anticipate higher profits and increased market. The basic menu True Food has Hamburgers, Barn Cheeseburger, and Ecological Pizzas. These hamburgers are made by grounding meat and putting inside a bun. It can be topped by spreading mayonnaise and ketchup on bun bottoms, then you add tomato, onion, salt, and pepper, if interested, to add taste (National Restaurant Association, 2019). For the cheeseburger, we top the burgers, a minute before they are done, with sliced cheese, and then continue cooking them till the cheese on them melt. The equipment used in preparing the hamburgers is the automatic forming machine and meat cutting machines.

The organic pizzas are easier to make and healthier too. These pizzas are the best choice since they are simple and made with whole fresh ingredients. The main raw materials used to prepare Ecological pizzas include wheat, tomatoes, and milk. Also, you can add yeast, salt, oil, tomato sauce, fresh cheese, and water in place of water in your ingredients list.

True Food Restaurant will either serve the customers within the premises of the company or offer take away food. This will be efficient because not all the customers want to eat there due to some reason. Maybe one might be in a hurry or not just in the mood; they are therefore provided with the takeaway, while those feeling or have the urge to eat within are offered quality services and foods (National Restaurant Association, 2019). This ensures the customers get standard treatments and the satisfaction they expected, thus increases the market. The customers served within would also not be required to eat foods that they could not have purchased from the company; this is restricted since it can raise a lot of issues or problems to the company. It might also bring about loses, and all we want or work for is the gains and profits (Pearson, 2016).

Competition and Marketing Positioning

In every business activity, there are competitions among different organizations, and it as well improves or increases the organization's ability or services provision. Improved or well-offered services increase the market, thus more gains and profits for a company. True food is to compete with another restaurant by providing better services and foods; this is why it is offering rich organic foods, which are in high demand. Some of our stiff competitors in this sector include Chef Vending restaurant, which is also a family company, and Freshens food company (National Restaurant Association, 2019). The customers will keep coming every time once they have tasted the food and decide which restaurant is better. However, we can also advertise True Food restaurant for it to be well known to the consumers.

Other activities can also be performed to attract or engage with the customers; the restaurant will offer promotions, discounts, embrace and host events or cooking classes, create partnerships with the other local business and also come up with contests that engage and promotes interaction with the customer like, Fan of the month, prizes offered for likes of the suggested new ideas or items. Our customers can, therefore, invite even their friends to participate in these contests, which positively affects the company by increasing the consumers or target market.

True food distinguishes itself from these other competitors by providing pure organic foods. Although many people have a belief that organic foods are always expensive, my restaurant is offering them at prices which are convenient for the customers (National Restaurant Association, 2019). True Food restaurant is going to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied by providing quality food and excellent services, and this will make the foodservice successful. The main objective of our company, True Food Restaurant, is to provide quality foods and at affordable prices to the customers, and its mission is also to provide quality foods that would remarkably meet the demands of its potential customers (Pearson, 2016). With this at hand, the main focus of True Food is to work hard and to put more effort to achieve its objectives and mission.


True Food has a goal to provide quality organic foods and services to the customers and at affordable price rates. It has offered a basic menu of the kind of organic foods it will provide, which include hamburgers, cheeseburger, and Ecological pizzas. The depicted food is presumed to be healthy and therefore are preferred by many audiences, hence a large market. Furthermore, organic farms are vastly increasing and are more seasonal; we, therefore, have firm beliefs of purchasing the raw materials we need from various suppliers. Since the popularity of organic farming is increasing worldwide, we believe that the supplies are to be more reliable and also more competitive prices.

The higher the quality values, the larger the number of customers increases. Most of our competitors are not providing organic foods; some are offering fast foods to the customers, whereby they typically place orders at the counter and serve themselves while others employ servers to take the customers' orders and serve them, just like our company. These staffs are highly trained and also discipline; the chefs as well are highly educated and ensure the provision of elegantly prepared foods to the customers. We cannot have cooked with no experience since it might lower the quality expectations that we have on board. The restaurant will also be arranged in a proper and eye-catching manner, to attract more customers.

We will ensure that these goals are achieved and that the food services operations of true Food are successful. This can only be achieved by ensuring that we maintain a high quality of the organic foods we are offering to our esteemed customers and also maintaining affordable and convenient prices. Also, we will engage our customers in various activities or contests carried out in the company to enhance interactivity.


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