Essay Example on English 101: Strengths and Goals for a New Semester

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
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Date:  2023-01-29

I am excited to be taking the English 101 class this year for it has always been amongst the classes I anticipated to begin. I have strengths that I desire to expand on and also weaknesses to improve on. I have two principal goals I wish to fulfil for this class come next semester. In class, I hope to make most of this class through the assistance of my classmates as well as my instructor. Also, I am interested in English with regards to the many areas it encompasses. As a beginner, I would like to develop a reading attitude to the latest in the sense that I would like to read more novels than before. Earlier, I would opt to read short stories and young adult storybooks, but then I now believe I am ready to learn more and expand my scope by reading more advanced books. Furthermore, I would like to become a better and more advanced writer. I believe that communication is vital in today's life and to communicate well, I need to be eloquent at both reading and writing.

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Outside class, I expect to engage in extra-curricular activities such as joining the English writers club and playing soft sports. I hope that the English class has advocated for the establishment of a writers' club where students engage in writing competitions as well as publish articles about the school and generally talk abo0ut the undertakings of the semester. On the side of sports, I expect to indulge in the playing of scrabble as it will sharpen my vocabulary and also challenge me into reading more to understand English as a subject.

As a class, I expect that students would help each other towards achieving academic success. I hope that the students will be able to finish their assignments in time to avoid annoying the instructor who might develop a negative attitude towards the whole class. I expect that the students would push one another through helping the weak ones in becoming better students. This would be achieved by holding group discussions occasionally. Lastly, discipline is a crucial principle for every student and therefore, I expect that the class would be obedient and uphold integrity when doing their assignments.

Besides, I also expect that the instructor is kind and understanding, but not in a way that would warrant him spoon-feeding students but instead would utilise effective teaching methods that would engage us to do our best and lead us to learn without necessarily being overly strict. I expect that the quizzes/assignments, activities, and discussions would not be too difficult; and would be completed well given enough preparation and study. I hope that the instructor would issue reasonable workloads/assignments that can be completed within the stated timeframes. Finally, I expect that the instructor will give students ample time to prepare for the tests and exams and would give adequate instructions and tips so that the work can be done without much ado.

Other than the school fraternity, I expect that the parents and families can help the students towards being fruitful in their academics. I hope that the parents and guardians would support the students and not shun them away whenever they fail. Instead, they should help the students by exposing them to more English related materials such as buying them books and employing tutors to help them study better.


Finally, I expect that the English 101 class would inculcate values and knowledge to me and my fellow students relevant in and outside the school environment. I hope that the subject would be the key to the improvement of my communication skills at large and escalate my proficiency in the professional realm in the future. I expect to enjoy the English class and learn a lot.

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