Essay Example on Elevating My Literacy: An Editor, My Parents, and Me

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Date:  2023-02-12

People define literacy as the ability to view, design, speak, listen, read and write in a way that facilitates the effective communication process. While to me, literacy is the competence and knowledge towards a particular text. My literacy sponsor is an editor from the daily newspaper who help me in writing. Whenever I want to write an article, I usually consult her to guide me on ethics related to writing and publishing. Besides, my parents guided me to acquire the ability to read and write when I was a child. They encouraged me to play games that developed my knowledge, where I begin enjoying words. We used to discuss things that we read or viewed as attractive, useful, or amusing. My parents also improved my motivation and encouragement toward literacy learning. Every holiday, evening, and weekends when I am not in school, they encouraged me to read and view different texts like novels, newspapers, websites, magazines, and comics. The first time before I become competent in reading, my mother could read for me a publication where I grew the desire and ambitions to learn more materials like newspapers, magazines, or academic books.

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I started sourcing materials in our house trying to read, and where I encountered technical or complicated words, I had to consult my parents or teacher. I also started understanding myself in primary school since I was competency in literacy skills. Through my hard work and commitment to literacy learning before joining the school, I became defeating my peers in the text related to writing, speaking, reading skills. According, I learned how to write in primary school. I become competency in this skill because I was finding something to write every day through a computer or textbook. I understood writing as a means of communication and self-improvement, so I used to monitor the process to ensure I do it frequently.

To me, literacy means the competency in communication, writing and reading and combination of those skills to effectively discern, interpret and connect the intricacies in the real world. Literacy skills have evolved over the years because I started learning at the primary level, and today I am still building the ability. I began with pre-reading, reading to understand new ideas, synthesizing and application of the information in various perspectives, and creating further knowledge in society and work.

The literacy has shaped me because I write many novels as well as spearhead essential events in our community. I have become the role model for other youth because they envy my work. Currently, I have published three novels which are boosting the literacy knowledge of young students. Literacy has also built my creativity because I am also writing poems where I draw the information from real-world experiences.

Literacy has helped me in terms of personal freedom since I can access literacy opportunity comfortably by approaching professionals where I need assistance. I am not scared at any moment since I am competent in communication, so I don't stammer. Also, I have the freedom to express my emotions or feelings through writing, considering the situation people face in our daily lives. For instance, I have written the novel about "gender inequality" because I have noticed many women are denied access to equal opportunities with men.

I can help others to build their literacy skill by motivating them to read many materials like newspapers, novels and internet journals. Also, I can encourage them to practice writing and teach them how to connect their ideas in real-world experiences. Then I would monitor their progress in writing, reading, and communication skills to know whether they are improving.

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