Paper Example on University of Melbourne: Capitalize Opportunities and Create a Value Proposition

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Date:  2023-05-17

How Can the University of Melbourne Capitalize the Opportunities For Australia and What Should Its Value Proposition Be?

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Australia has become an international education hotspot for a lot of international students by presenting itself as a lucrative study destination. Australia was becoming more attractive as a study destination, since the geo-political landscape has been changing due to Brexit and restrictions of the international mobility regarding the UK and the US. Because of the enrolments of more than 550,000 international students in 2016, the value of international education in Australia has grown with 18.5% (Altbach & Knight, 2007).

The constant and rapidly growing economy of Australia has attracted students to the Australian education system, and the attraction of international students has increased and expands every year. The educational system of Australia is designed in a way that meets the needs and the requirements of students setting them to be fully satisfied to bring the solutions to different problems of humanity around the world.

The excellent economy and favourable environment have been significant factors that attract international students to the Australia educational system. With over two hundred universities, the international students are different options to choose from; this will not limit their choice according to the various courses they are willing to pursue (Harman, 2005). Another factor that also attracts students is that most of the Australian schools provide free tuition for their students.

Different systems of education in Australia give the students verities and options to choose from according to their talents and skills. There is a well-developed program which is focusing on technical and professional skills for the students who are willing to pursue further education but are facing stressful financial situations. The educations system of Australia also gives room for those students who are not having a plan for pursuing higher education to obtain the certificate of technical integration. The program for CIT is an online program that also incorporates the students to have practical experiences and necessary technical skills. With the guarantee of functional integration, the students will be prepared for entry-level jobs for the opportunities within the professional sectors (Childress, 2009). There is educational inequality in Australia where the system is very expensive, and therefore it favours the students who are well off. The poor students are not able to manage high schools for higher learning.

Research Questions

The research sub-questions for advisory report imclude:

  • How effective are the various types of opportunities in higher education enhances the growth in Australian GDP?
  • How does Internationalisation of Education impact on the universities in Australia?

Theoretical Foundation

The crucial argument of this paper is how the University of Melbourne can adjust its value and attract a more significant number of international students who have chosen Australia as their best options for further studies and higher learning. The university will look at how to accommodate students from different socioeconomic statuses and from diverse cultural ground.

2.1 Literature Review

The purpose of this literary work is to look at different ways by which the university can fully capitalize on its opportunities based on the various theoretical frameworks. The tables entail the description of sources that were used for each framework and during the study (Altbach & Knight, 2007).

Original Source

(model 1) Source 1 2015 Pokorna, J., Pilar, L., Balcarova, T., and SergeevaIdentification of Pains, Gains and Customer Jobs at Farmers' Markets This is an original source of the Value Proposition Canvas. It identifies various terms such as gains, pains, product and services and customer job. I applied the model in my study to determine how the University of Malbourn can capitalize in its opportunities

Source 2

2005 Harman, G. A critical review of literature and research in Internationalizing higher education This is a peer-reviewed article that further illustrates on Internationalization of Australian higher education and its impacts on earnings and shows some preposition of the University based on Crossing the Chasms model

Source 3

1995 De Wit, H. A Comparative Study of Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States of America The article identifies various theories for Internationalisation of Higher Education

Theoretical Framework

There are different theoretical frameworks which can help to determine what attract the international students to a given university, or what can make student prefer a given international school and not the other.

2.2 Value Proposition Canvas

This is a tool which assists in ensuring that a given product or service are positioned towards what the clients' values and their needs. The objective of this research is to get the necessary improvements that the University of Melbourne can apply to attract most international students. Again it will save time and unnecessary spending on the modifications which are not required by the students as it provides clarity messaging on the core need of the students. The framework can be a drawback when used in the educational sector because, in most cases, it deals with the clients who are buying different products and can change from one product to another after giving it a try. The process of trying different schools is not an option for most students (Pokorna et al., 2015). The limitation of using the value proposition canvas is that different customer segments mixed into one shade where clients will have different priorities when choosing a product.

On using the framework, the university understands the potential target, and you can see that the job to be done is to attract the students to Melbourne. The pains when it comes to Melbourne University are that it has inadequate scholarship funds. Melbourne University is recognized as an international university and receiving awards are some of the gains. When we look at the side of products and services, we see that Melbourne University understands the target audience very well. Besides the fact that Melbourne University has operated for a very long time, we can say that there is a fit between the left and right of the value proposition canvas.

2.3 Crossing the Chasms Framework

This is a theoretical framework which was developed to make the improvement on the gaps created by other structures and to bring the simplicity on the relationship between two different parties. This proposed model can be used whereby the university will identify the international students who are willing to study at the University of Melbourne.

The University of Melbourne will frame what they are offering unique from other universities in a few sentences then send it to the willing international universities. The drawback is that it is tough to identify the students who are willing to join the university before they apply and show interest. The limitation of this framework is that the university will not reach many international students at the same time.

When using this framework, the innovator is Melbourne University who is seeking new ways on how to access the students. The early adopters are the international students who have already joined the university. The old majority is practically minded students, and if the university provides attractive information, then they will join. Late majority are the students who have heard about the university are weighing the different options. Laggards are those international students who cannot enter the university due to economic reasons.

Research Methodology

The study was based on the qualitative research method. The University of Melbourne tends to have various opportunities as one of the renounced institutions of higher learning in Australia; therefore, it is critical to comprehend its efforts on promoting international relations through aggregated statistics and on the University operation and funding angel. An institution of higher learning is obliged to identify the needs, opportunities, and expectations of the students, both local and international, override the gap that exists between the provision of education and facilitation of international relations as a system.

3.1 Data Collection

This study focused on the University of Melbourne. The survey was conducted during summer because, at this time of the year, the institution always receives more applications from international students. During the study, the desk and field approaches were employed.

A primary source was used as the questionnaires were issued to the international students, The University of Melbourne management, and few officers from the office for Foreign Affairs, Australia. The semi-structured interviews that were issued were ideal since it allowed for more questions to be incorporated based on the direction of the discussion. The primary source was suitable since it addressed an issue at hand. The flexibility of the response allowed for a heightening of the needs of the University to capitalise on the opportunities for Australia to facilitate new international relations.

3.2 Data Analysis

A desk analysis was introduced, and then a review to the international students, university administration and, and office for Foreign Affairs, Australia, was administered; the retrieved information was then cross-checked. The University of Melbourne web-page was analyzed, and physical visits to the school were initiated to validate the information source. Each opportunity by the University was then compared to the results regarding the perception of promoting international relations. The desk analysis showed that the university vision is described as interaction students' scholarship programs facilitated by various entities, including the government. Each of the stated services was analyzed individually to be able to retrieve actual data.

3.3 Research Credibility

The measurement testing procedure is the validity test, which is applied to assess and measure whether the information that was retrieved from the database measures what is meant to measure. The validity test was conducted with Using Wait Events with Timed Statistics to measure database performances.


There is no electronic database that entails all the info...

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