Rental Properties and Government Fight Against Same-Sex Marriage in Canada and Bermuda

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Date:  2022-08-30

Housing has always been a crisis in Canada and mostly in cities where there is a huge presence of commercial hotels competing for rental income with locals. As reported by Darryn Davis of Global News; the city council of Kingston will proceed to vote on short term rental licensing and delay voting on residential rentals. The licensing costs that will have been agreed on after the voting will level the playing field with hotels and bed and breakfasts which collect accommodation tax paid by their own is also to ensure that there is quality assuredness for residents and renters where routine inspections are conducted to ensure that the buildings are safe.

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The costs to conduct this routine inspections will be included in the licensing fee that property owners will be required to pay. Licensing rental properties is concerning a number of landlords in the city because most of the property standards are vague and can be subjected to interpretation. The licensing and taxes that landlords pay are very high and this will result in the increment of rental fee because the landlord cannot shelve the costs themselves and this will put strain on those who rent their properties. In relation to the course work, the city council ought to make laws considering the impact it will have on all stake holders of that particular is the responsibility of the government to make sure that its citizens have proper housing and ensure that building are set up to standards and tenants are not exploited by landlords and also housing is affordable. The government when licensing properties should do so in consideration of the impact it will have on residents and conduct proper research before implementation. The impact of the licensing taxes will impact negatively on the political environment in the country because people will see the leaders as not advocating for their rights instead championing for high taxation raising living standards.

References students in Saskatchewan receiving calls from CSIS, say university students

As reported by Jonathan Guignard an online Producer at Global News, for more than a decade, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service has been contacting Muslim students at the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina. Asking those questions about their feelings about sharia law, their recent activities and the leaders of ISIS. The Canadian security intelligence service though acting in good faith and on the recent threat of an attack from ISIS through a voice recording has to be considerate on how they approach and treat Muslim students in Canada. It is inconsiderate to be stereotypic because this exposes the student to unfair treatment by others and also creates a tense atmosphere for the country. It is not a joke when someone receives a call from CSIS and take it lightly. The calls are not usually one or twice but on a regular basis. This form of security measure is quit biased because a security threat can come from any citizen irrespective of their race and religion. Instead of calling and conducting impromptu visits to schools to question the students they should be open and talk to the students on what they expect from them. Relating these issue to the course work, it is the duty of the government to ensure that all its citizens are safe and have a sense of being which is a constitutional light of recent threats and the need to put up more security measures the Canadian government should explore other ways of ensuring its citizens are safe. Targeting a certain group of people is irrational because threats come from all aspects of society and it is not just a minority group that possess a is socially unacceptable to align a certain group of people in the community because it creates social imbalance and instability because the minority group will consider themselves being unfairly treated by the government that is supposed to protect and serve them.

References's government fight against same-sex marriage by CNN

With more exposure, Humans have become sophisticated beings and are able to adapt to various changes in the world today. Activist and fighters for human rights have come made individuals be aware of some of the rights and responsibilities Homosexuality, for instance, has become a human right in this current generation as most countries followed the American government suit of legalizing same-sex marriage and Homosexuality in general. There are, however, several instances where some states are still not at par in allowing same-sex marriage even in America where the country's states government legalized the act. The most recent instance where the government is trying to fight same-sex marriage as reported by CNN is in Bermuda where the government has gone to the court of appeal to fight the homosexual marriage among its state's citizens.

Esan Swan, in his report for CNN, states that the government of the state went to court to appeal in order to abolish same-sex marriage. This made a lot of activists come out fight for their rights and defending the minority group individuals in the community. As reported, the government fought against this same-sex marriage because it feels that the law was passed wrongly as it was done through voting and the majority of the voters never turned up for voting. The total number of voters who voted for this rule never reached 50% of the total voters. The government, therefore, according to the report wants this rule to be invoked and if possible the law should be voted for again. This had a huge social impact as it rose a lot of unease among the individuals belonging to this community. As per the report, there have been a lot of demonstrations in the streets since this month of November began. Socially, this act will bring a lot of discomfort as this community of individuals will feel unappreciated in the society which might lead to depressions and discomforts.

While reporting for CNN, Esan ensures that his report is presented in a manner that is not biased to either side. In his writing, he supports neither the government by rejecting the same-sex marriage, neither does he support same-sex marriage as well. He instead reports some of the views by the individuals affected and what the government reported. This article has connected the course as it refers to the social relation of the minority group of individuals in society. The study looks at how government policies and politics can affect its citizens as well in the various perspectives, for instance, the feeling of belonging.


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