High Pressured Situations and Leadership Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-06

A high pressured situation you were and how you coped under this pressure?

After graduation, I experienced several issues in the finance department while at work. Having worked at the Qatari National Only, I encountered several challenges. My task pertained taking care of the treasury functions such as having bank transaction records into the monitoring and Oracle bank reconciliation as well as managing the sales register and cost center analysis. My action was to ensure that I balance my life with work knowing that I worked in an environment that was difficult to deal with. Even though my job entailed recording and processing invoices, and following customers' payment collection, I planned to reduce the pressure I had because a lot was thrown at me and when combined with the culture, thus making the place unbearable. Despite having little experience in this department, I re-organized how I work by ensuring I finish my work in time and as a result, pressure reduced, and work flowed smoothly.

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A time the communication skills created a difference in a situation

Communication is an aspect I embraced since I was in school and it has always assisted me to gain something. One case that changed was when I was at the Occidental Petroleum. Even though I chose to work hard, I had to find a way during the application of the courses from various departments to gain more information and knowledge. One way I managed is that I asked the manager to take me around so that I can be assisted during the external and internal meeting. Due to this, the manager enabled me to asses my information and knowledge and gave me tasks that challenged me but made me confident. As a result, communication changed the perception the manager had on me because I was seen to be responsible and focused on my career. Moreover, when working as a customer service officer in the bank, I was an excellent communicator more especially in Arabic and English. This enabled me to deal with various people concerning their issues.

Situation Where You Had To Use Different Leadership Styles To Reach Your Goal

While working as the customer service officer, the overall sales as compared to the previous quarter significantly dropped, and the manager sought assistance from our department on ways to improve the sales. The action that came to my mind was doing a presentation to the workers during staff training. The manager liked the idea and implemented it with immediate effect. Moreover, every team member regardless of the rank was engaged because the message had to be passed across the board. Everyone was also tasked based on their profession, position, and experience. As a result, this solution increased people's confidence and skills and the next quarter's sales increased significantly. The level of competency also increased where all members worked as a team and the culture of working changed. Not only did the sales increase but customer service also improved. When a comparison was made after one year, the overall sales increased significantly, and the profit also rose.

Tell me about a time where you have used your analytical skills to solve a problem

While I was working as a Treasury Analyst at Qatari National Only, the company had challenges of keeping track of the financial climate, and they needed assistance on the strategies they would use to increase their profits. This took place in Doha when there was a period of slow economic growth. During this time, my task encompassed of coming up with ways of making the company maintain its financial status. The action I took is by crafting up ideas that would benefit the company's financial needs. To succeed in this, I had to come up with a forecast that elaborated the company's performance in the past and the current time. I also projected the future needs and how the company would grow. To execute this, I had a meeting with the managers, and the executives and explained to them the financial status of the company and elaborated to them on ways that would facilitate on the growth of the company. As a result, the company implemented the strategies and gained more profit.

Describe a time where your time management skills were put to the test. How did you respond to this?

At one time while I was working in Qatar Petroleum, the management put me into a test to see whether I am fast enough to finish my work in due time. Since my job encompassed of making presentations, that particular day I was asked to make three presentations. The challenge here was that I had not planned for this, but since it came from my superiors, I had no option. After the first presentation, I had to strategies how I would manage all three within the stipulated time. Before I returned to do the second presentation, I had to create a power point presentation to make them understand faster. At the same time, I was still expected to go back to my station and speak with several customers particularly those that spoke Arabic. The power point I designed was very efficient and short that it enabled me to finish on time and went back to my station. I was lucky that day that I came almost the same time with my clients. As a result, the presentation was successful, and I did manage to attend to my customers.

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