The Indentured Generation and How Debt Stunts Young People's Dream

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Date:  2022-05-23

Student loans are usually aimed at helping students pay their post-secondary education coupled with other associated fees, for example, those of tuition, supplies and even catering for the living expenses. In most cases, such loans are repaid immediately after the completion of studies. Most young people find it difficult to abide by this obligation since some of them may lack jobs immediately after completing college or get those that pay a little salary that can only cater to their basic needs. Therefore, the paper is premised on a discussion which seeks to give information about the article by Franke-Ruta, Garance which expounds on the opinion. The article is primarily based on the indentured generation and how debt stunts young people's dream.

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The article mirrors the life that most American students particularly those from law school. At least 94 percent of them depended on loans to cover their legal fees leaving only 6 percent with the ability to pay the required tuition fee without borrowing. Even though the measure was taken to help students study without much difficulty, concerns rose about the student-loan debt and their future legal salaries. A case is given about Stefanie Davis, aged 27 and a student at George Town Law School in 2001 (Garance, n.p). Currently, the lady is married to a software developer but was amongst the few who had the privilege of not borrowing. Most of her contemporaries were living with the aid of the loan while other debt-laden classmates preferred to work as summer associates in various large corporate law firms with the aim of pocketing at least $30, 000 for three months. Davis on her side preferred taking a lower-paying fellowship in the field of public law interest and would be okay going back with at least 3,250 after offering her services for ten weeks. She never had problems with paying her fee, hence the ten weeks effort, on the other hand, the contemporaries were compelled to work harder with the aim of clearing the $26,860. Those who were not so lucky had to draw full dependence from the loan.

The future dream of these students started meeting stumbling block at the point of working hard to clear the legal fees. It is usual that those who worked hard to earn at least $30,000 fully concentrated on the job and gave less time to that which may impact their life positively in the future. For example, having full concentration on their studies. This is not the only issue; another concern is on the future earnings especially for the poorly paid attorneys. Most of them may not balance paying attention to their dreams or actualizing their ambitions and also repay the debts they were given while still in law school. Even Davis who is now a staff attorney in Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless compared the situation with her income. She argued that the money is livable but not glamorous meaning it limits the extent to which a person can make an achievement. Even though some may be able to repay the loan and focus on their dreams as evidenced in the article, there is that limitation that directly stunts the future dreams of the young people.


In summary, student's loan plays a significant role not only in students in legal schools but also those in other disciplines. It helps in clearing the school fees, sorting living expenses and tuition fee to mention a few. Even though these significances exists, it stunts the future dreams of the loaned since they have to redirect their focus on paying the loan instead of other issues as noted in the paper.

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Garance, Franke-Ruta. The Indentured Generation and how Debt stunts Young People's Dream. Retrieved from

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