Application for Campus Transfer

Paper Type:  Application letter
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Date:  2022-07-08

I am XX, a student at ABC University under the GSEP program. My student Id number is1234. I would like to request your kind attention to my application to request for a transfer to campus Z. This is due to some unavoidable personal reasons that I have explained in this letter.

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I am a student on a scholarship and it therefore means that I have to abide to some rules of the sponsorship program in order to secure my education fees. One of the policies requires that I study in campus Z. I have been studying in campus Y for the last two years, with my fees being paid by the scholarship programme. However, during summer, something beyond my understanding happened to the scholarship program. The organization asked me to move to campus Z. Failure to comply with this would lead to cancelation of my scholarship.

In my attempt to seek assistance with regard to this situation, Arminda, Judy, Michelle, and Marissa who are staffs in this institution have made their best attempts to help me in this. They tried to explain to my sponsor that the program is the same, and that I can move to campus Z after two months' time, a fact that my sponsor agreed.

However, all these courses happen to fall on Monday 3-8 -2018. I am in a position to undertake these courses in campus Z and S, studying in campus. The problem with Campus Z, however is that it runs a morning program. Campuses such as Y and S offer evening classes and all these classes are about clinical psychology. This time is different and I study at the evening. In addition, my sponsor, requires that I should complete at least 9 units in a term

A response from the staff shows me told me that it impossible to transfer to transfer the morning program, because they do not have the power to do that. In addition, I have PSY 603, 627, 642, and two terms of practicum left which I have not done due to the reason cited. Besides this, I am also supposed to graduate on April 2019 and it is the same time that my Scholarship expires. Failure to transfer to a different campus would therefore deny me the chance to graduate

The main reason why seeking help from you to assist me is that I have tried to seek help from other channels and I have not managed to secure the transfer. You are therefore my last chance and me getting assistance concerning this transfer entirely depends on you. I have complete faith and hope that that you will help me. Through your support in this, I will be able get my master's degree.

I know my situation sounds complicated but you are the only one who has the power to save my situation and help me secure a future through your support. Honestly, this is the second part of the problem I am struggling with. I however feel blessed that I am a student of ABC University. I therefore guarantee you that I deserve a chance to secure this transfer and one day you will be proud of me. I have big dreams to achieve and among these crucial dreams is graduating from ABC University.

I look forward to your assistance in this.

Thanks in Advance.

Yours Sincerely,


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