Computer Technology Should be Taught as a Priority Subject from Elementary to High School

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Date:  2021-03-25

In recent times, there have been controversies concerning the use of computers by children and adolescents, especially when it comes to education at primary and high school. In this essay, the argument raised will be in support of the computer technology as a priority subject in elementary to high school. Technology is not only an important factor in the early childs life but also part of the education process. It's great time people embrace the era of technology, and it can only be achieved if computer technology is taught as a priority subject from the elementary to high school.

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Integrating computer into the curriculum as early as the elementary level is a priority if not a mandate. It should not be taught as one in a while project or as a separate subject, but it should be taught as a tool that can be used to extend and promote learning on a daily basis. The computer does not make the children lose concentration, but in fact, it improves both the teaching and the students achievement (Kai-Yu Tang et al. p. 297). That is the reason why a computer should be introduced as early as elementary to high school level otherwise students will not have enough time to catch up and be excellent computer literates.

To make tomorrows workforce more competitive, there should be an increase high-tech world that makes the learning of computer a priority. Working with the computers makes the student acquire valuable connections with the teacher, other schools in different places and also with other students. It allows the students to be exposed to an extensive network of professionals at an early age. Therefore, a lot of information accessed to enable them to broaden the education committee.

Children who have learned how to do programming at a tender age usually have high concrete computer model, and they use the models to learn and think about how to enhance their powers as epidemologists and psychologists. The computer offers the children an opportunity to become more like adults. It offers a writing instruments to the children too. Their relationship is advanced to the professional level, to the intellectual products and also to themselves (Kai-Yu Tang et al. p 295). It allows the young minds to break the bridge between the two cultures which are humanity and science. It allows the students in elementary to harness structures to solve in local and incremental measures which are a great challenge that school faces today. The introduction of computer technology as a priority will allow the children to learn some technical skills which will help them develop their sense of control, their social and moral kind of thinking.

Parents should see the teaching of computer skills as a new way to build a good relationship with their children rather than viewing its introduction as an obstacle to family cohesion. Using the enthusiasm of the children towards computers will allow the children to be easily cultured and therefore learn how to embrace technology and use it to their advantage. Prioritizing computer technology to the young children will be easy to regulate since they will be fascinated to learn and therefore their creativity will increase as the program intensifies making them better and expanding their opportunity to be innovative and increase in their intellectual capacity. Computer technology should be introduced in elementary and high school since it will be a great tool to moving to a digitalized era where there would be no gap between science and humanity.

Work cited

Kai-Yu Tang et al. A Co-Citation Network of Young Childrens Learning with Technology. Journal of Educational Technology &Amp; Society, vol. 19, no. 3, 2016, pp. 294305.

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