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Mathematics is very vital to be introduced at the early stages of a kid. As it is, mathematics is a creative and brainstorming activity which includes generalization and abstraction to find out, elaborate, and use patterns and relationships. Numeric is applied in the discipline. Over decades, mathematical ideas have evolved in different cultures with new inventions being introduced to make it easier. In the invention, not only knowledge is invented but also tools have been designed to increase the effectiveness of mathematics (Aunio & Niemivirta 2010). With rampant development in digitalization, the use of the pen and paper is becoming antiquated although much useful while teaching mathematics more so to children in grade one. Computers and laptops are being employed highly in calculations and finding solutions to mathematical equations. A child has an understanding of numbers in early stages equips him or her to improve in terms of eloquence, comprehending, logical creativity, analytical thoughts, problem-solving skills, and communication in general.

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Literature Review

According to Bates (2012), teaching math skills to children at a tender age gives an excellent foundation to children's victory in elementary school and even after. She prefers that teachers who are in control of the kids at this level should be keen and scrupulousness should also be employed so that the teachers deliver the right content and necessary skills to children so that children don't suffer in future while advancing with education. Under normal circumstances, even when building a house foundation is much essential for it holds the whole other parts. Therefore according to her, from preschool to elementary school, this is the foundation to them. Teachers are therefore advised to set their teaching techniques well as to deliver accordingly more so in mathematics. Because this is the foundation, thus it determines the rest of the kids learning in the future.

At around three years old, according to Resnick (1989)prefers that kids should now be able to be introduced to the mathematical concepts and terminologies. By doing so, learners' education is made more accessible. Not only to learners but also the teachers who will be in charge of the children at advanced levels will have an easy time to teach as far as mathematics is concerned. When the concepts are delivered in the early ages, and the learners grasp the accordingly, at the advanced level, the elementary teachers will be able to teach applications of which it will be easier since, at the early age, the kids are exposed to the concepts which help them later. Even though in preschool, kids may not be able to do efficient practices, they can gain basic requirements through language and practice.

However, as far as mathematics is concerned, Addition should be introduced to learners before they proceed to elementary school. This aspect is crucial since it is essential in learners' lives. It is almost applicable everywhere apart from classwork. As a kid, he or she should be able to add items he has in total. Teaching this aspect will enlighten a child to be able to know how many things are around him or her and also in sharing as far as the company is concerned. This makes a child t have an easy time in daily activities ( Aunio & Niemivirta 2010). Apart from children being advantageous from the introduction of the additional concept to grade one child, teachers also highly benefit from this concept. Teachers can teach minus actively creating lessons plans that are too advanced for literacy and knowledge. Addition as concept acts as a building block for children's elementary education.

On the other side, Canobi (2004).says that teaching mathematics is as easy as one plus one, which is equal to two. To make math teaching more effective and fun, it requires one to go a notch higher, that is going past paper and pencil. Through the application of these simple strategies which are beyond paper and pen to teach preschool children will result in them to be mini mathematicians. Duncan (2019) suggests that teaching of mathematics should start with simple counting. Therefore the concept of introducing Addition to grade one children is very vital. Children can quickly memorize and respond to math teaching when the teacher frequently repeats and uses objects while counting at least one to ten as it is usually done to preschool kids. Although children have different understanding levels and styles, therefore as a teacher, he or she should be able to gauge every child's understanding before now introducing the underlying mathematical concepts. Immediately a kid can count, then additional concept should be presented as other ideas follow, which include subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Apparent objects which are everyday objects should be highly used in implementing the counting concepts plus other concepts in mathematics. Tress, cars, pens, pencils, desks, and other objects are preferred for teaching the concept. Math is more comfortable to explain when you make use of available objects to train. Adding orange is an interesting thing by a child, but counting lemons will expound the learning process even further. This means that a child then should at first be introduced to counting by using one item. After the child has mastered, then another issue is brought in, which paves the way for understanding more. Therefore teachers should connect counting concept with various objects so that the child can be in a position to carry the same practice to other purposes apart from those taught in class.

Play math games also play vital roles in the teaching of a child as far as mathematics is concerned. For instance, Hi Ho Cherry-O and adding dice teach simple additions. They have numbers from 1 to 100, which enable children to enhance additional aspect in the learning process. Apart from that, there are also advanced math board games come and go, which also helps in improving the counting ability of a kid in preschool. As teachers, they can also bring on board math games by drawing them on board and initiate children in playing the games during math lessons or even during leisure time.

In the early six, a child should, therefore, be in a position to be mastering mathematics concepts, including Addition. A pleasant climate and conditions set to children at a tender age give them the ability to comprehend and put in use mathematics. According to Rasmussen( 2004) through these encouragements via the creation of pleasant climate and conditions for students to study, the kids are therefore able to acquire qualities li9ke imagination, flexibility, persistence, innovativeness, and curiosity. Through which later, they become responsible people in life who tend to bring success in their lives and other innovations for the growth of the economy. I9n introducing the concept of Addition to kids in grade one, strategies must be applied in order for it to be fruitful apart from the stipulated procedures written down on papers, teachers can also use their own experience to administer the concept which is of great importance to the foundation of the education of kids in preschool and even advanced education (Canobi 2004).

In all programs in schools, mathematics programs should be of consideration first to attain good performances in the teaching institutions (Butler 2001). For better family relations and professional efficiency, mathematics acts as the main factor. Individuals who are well conversant and have a reasonable basis in math, they have the upper hand to relate with other individuals ( Aunio & Niemivirta 2010). This is due to in the society; it is all about sharing, counting, and understanding, which is mostly attached to mathematics. The most valuable things in life, including money, requires mathematics. Land leans on mathematics for measurement, house planning plus other vital things base on mathematics most. As a person grows, he or she expects more advancement. At times many people prefer Addition than subtraction. Even at the working place, people require promotions and improvement in salary in terms of Addition. Therefore introducing the additional concept to kindergarten pupils first is the core for them to have positive minds in life.

Conclusion of the Literature Review

From the already existing evidence in archives and written articles, it is prudent to introduce addition concept to grade one child for it has great importance in their lives. Mathematics, in general, is a discipline that should be compulsory to every individual. It equips one with the necessary qualities in life that leads to success in peoples' life(Resnick 1989). Among the qualities include curiosity, creativity, understanding, and many others. The addiction concept is easy to implement for teachers and learners themselves. Through this concept, teachers can deliver the content without a working plan. On the other hand, this acts as a basis for the learning of children.

Since the concept is fundamental in the early learning process, therefore no one should ignore it at any cost. Via a pupil understanding the concepts in old ages, life is made more comfortable ahead as far as learning is concerned. During the application period, which is in the elementary schools and other advanced levels like in colleges and universities, a person who underwent the procedure well in the grade one level can apply the concepts effectively. As teachers, they must understand that learning is a gradual process; hence, while putting in practice the idea, it should be procedural, for instance, the use of ordinary objects to teach the kids. Therefore teachers should incorporate the concept as early as possible to save the lives of the kids so that they don't struggle much in the advanced learning stages.


Mathematical concepts should be upheld in all cases. They have numerous effects on the educational life of a kid who is in the preschool. Without adhering fully to the concept by the teacher as he administers education to the learner, the learner might experience difficulties in the future. Mathematics as a discipline is core to every individual. With almost the good qualities observed in Indi vials, including sharing, curiosity, care plus others are as a result of mathematics. From the observation, smart pupils in mathematics end up being successful in their lives. Basing on the fact that accountability is very vital in any living human being, math plays an essential role of keeping the record, that is the profits and losses made in the day, month or even in a year.

Having the correct procedures in implementing the math concept is very important to preschool teachers. It is the determinant of whether the kids will fully understand or they will experience hard times in their studies (Resnick 1989). For instance, during the counting session, the teacher should be intelligent enough to use regular objects during counting. According to Butler (2001) apart from that, the teacher should use one object at first, and then when the kids are now able to count efficiently, other purposes are then introduced. This gives room for the understanding of the children. More so, as a teacher, one should be able to understand that different children have the unusual understanding ability. A teacher should, therefore, take time to study the kids to realize on each general level (Rasmussen 2004). Via the understanding, they will be able to know how to handle each pupil effectively. Additionally, instructors should not only dwell on the stipulated quid lines on administering the concepts. They should go the extra mile and implement the experience they have attained while teaching to other pupils.

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