Essay Example on Vaccines: The Key to Lower Mortality & Morbidity Rates

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Date:  2023-09-21

Vaccines have been used widely to promote public safety by enhancing natural immunity before an outbreak of a disease. There is a common belief that the development of vaccines has minimized the rates of mortality and morbidity, which is mainly caused by viruses and bacteria . Governments worldwide have been advocating for the use of vaccines to control infectious diseases such as measles, smallpox, polio and mumps, among other diseases. The aim of administering vaccines to children is to protect the lives and health of children. Vaccination has led to the minimization of death cases that had troubled the world for several decades. However, vaccines have led to some illness.

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Vaccination should not be administered as it may lead to other severe conditions to a child. A paper written by Andrew Wakefield linked measles-mumps-rubella vaccines to autism triggering the need for research on the negative impacts of vaccines. The components that make vaccines are very toxic to the human body. These components include mercury, ether, aluminium, and other dangerous chemicals (Smith). These harmful components have negative health impacts on children. The severity of consuming these toxic substances is said to cause autism and lasting health conditions. Formaldehyde which is a chemical component of vaccines which inactivates viruses and detoxify bacterial toxins is one of the causes of cancer. Gelatin which is another component of the vaccine, is said to cause anaphylaxis. These issues make vaccines more hazardous to the life it is supposed to protect.

Vaccination should not be administered as the body is naturally positioned to deal with infections. The body is well prepared to resist diseases when it is naturally immunized as compared to when they use vaccines enhances protection against infection. Researchers have argued that natural immunity is better as it helps the body in case there is re-exposure to the same disease (Leung et al., n.d). The immunity enhancement through vaccines is developed as a result of a single infection, while vaccine developed immunity requires several doses (Smith). Thus it is vital to have natural immunization rather than having the vaccination.

Vaccines should not be administered to young children as their immune system cannot contain the side effects of vaccines. The immune system of children is so young to be exposed to a lot of vaccines which it is not capable of handling or which may overwhelm it. Another reason why vaccination should not be administered on children emanates the immune system and vaccine response, claiming vaccines "overwhelm" the immune system, and that natural immunity is better than immunity induced by vaccines. Children with immunodeficiency, especially those that have T cells are susceptible to the development of pf disseminated infections after being vaccinated with viral vaccines. This infection is caused by the interaction of their condition with the attenuated pathogens (Offit, 125).

Vaccines should not be administered on individuals as it is carried out at the expense of a healthy children population. Vaccination is very expensive, and it is carried out at the cost of a healthy nation. Vaccination seems to benefit individuals who deal with the manufacture of the vaccines while negatively impacting on the civilians. There is no need to vaccinate a healthy individual with a little explanation that the vaccine will reduce the chances of being infected. Instead of being administered to people who are suffering from infections, vaccines are administered to healthy children. The researcher has suggested that the issue leads to the false impression that vaccination minimizes the risk of being infected. The individual does not realize the assumption which is made as vaccines do not act on the current infection but on future infections that may never be experienced by the child. Vaccines are therefore not crucial if individuals have a healthy living and can use natural medicines.

Vaccines should not be administered as the government directive contravenes the law. It is the right of an individual to make a choice whether they want to be vaccinated or not. The government should not impose mandatory vaccination on its citizen. Past experiences of the individual with the vaccine should form the basis as to whether they want to be vaccinated or not. Parental have the right to look at vaccines as unsafe for their children as the diseases that caused significant health issues on their children are rarely seen. Parents are right to suggest that vaccination is not essential as sanitation helps to eradicate the chances of these infections. It is also the right of the parent to know the benefits and the risk associated with a particular injection to make an informed decision.

Vaccines should not be administered as there is no 100% assurance that individuals who are vaccinated will not get an infection. Researchers claim that individuals will tend to benefit by having mild symptoms in case there is an outbreak of a disease (Boulanger, and Gotter). There are companies and government departments that are only interested in making profits by selling drugs to the civilian regardless of whether they are toxic to their lives or not. Thus it is better to go for traditional means of curing the disease by allowing the body to get natural immunity from the first infection rather than relying on vaccines which are only meant to benefit individuals rather than promoting the health of the nation.

Vaccines should not be administered as the government directive for all individual inclusion in the administration of the drug contravenes the religious rights of the citizens. There are some religious beliefs which make members of that religion have an idea that vaccinating their children will be breaking the religious sentiment. Thus the rights of these individuals should be upheld by the government by not administering vaccines for immunization on the population that holds such views (McKee and Bohannon)


In conclusion, vaccines are essential in the prevention of infections in the future if administered on the right standards. However, if care is not taken, vaccination may cause health issues to the children instead of enhancing their immune system. Vaccines should not be administered as they are made up of components that have harmful effects on the body. Also, an organization dealing with vaccines are interested in making a profit regardless of the dangerous product they are producing and its mode of administration impacts negatively on the religious belief of individuals.

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