Should One Choose to Get Vaccination or Should the Government Enforce It

Date:  2021-04-26 07:03:46
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In the modern society, people fight for democracy in different aspects of life. Unlike the olden days, people are willing to defend their democratic rights irrespective of the cost. However, it is unfortunate that the individual rights can compromise with the interest of the majority. A vaccination helps protect people from contracting the common communicable diseases. One concern about vaccination is should one choose to get a vaccination or should the government enforce it. Ideally, immunization is one of the social goods and every citizen should enjoy. It is not possible to underestimate the importance of vaccination neither is the democratic rights. It is fact that unvaccinated individuals can infect vaccinated persons with communicable diseases. In this case, resisting vaccination is a violation of individual rights because it has hard to resist infections from unvaccinated persons. However, why should people who know that communicable disease kills resist vaccinations? At some point, the government should educate the public regarding the value of vaccination and give them freedom to choose what they feel is good for their lives. However, will the freedom granted to people to choose to accept or resist have implication in the lives of the public? The purpose of this essay is to present this debate on the title should one choose to get a vaccination or should the government enforce it.

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The government should enforce vaccination because children and babies are not mature enough to make a personal decision. The government should allow children to die of communicable diseases because of culture and religious belief of their parents. Ideally, children and babies are susceptible to deadly diseases such as polio, measles, influenza, and rubella. For this reason, the government should mandate vaccination to reduce child mortality rates. The constitution protects the right to live for everyone. Vaccination is one way of protecting the individuals against disease attack, which claims the lives of many people in developing countries.

Immunization is one way that the government ensures that the population is healthy and economic productive. The leaders in developed and developing countries promise the electorate to improve health care, infrastructure, and education. The citizens should trust the government and accept all the develop strategies that promote social economic developments in the country. Should the government force the parent to accept the immunization programs? It is not logical for the citizens with sound minds to resist immunization when they know its value. There are many educative materials online and on TV about the essence of immunization for babies and adolescents. Chronic diseases such as Polio, TB, and Influenza are real and shutter the dreams of young children when there is an outbreak. For this reasons, there is a need for the government to invest in civic education regarding the reasons for immunization for children and teenagers.

The government is to blame when there are high mortality rates in the country. The disease outbreak in the country is a sign of failure in government admirations to protect the people from diseases. Why should the government request to immunize the children in the country? Will the citizens point a finger when there are high death rates? I think the government should make immunization mandatory because the leadership is blame when the spread of a disease cannot be contained. Essentially, immunization for the children and there is no reasons for a parent to refuse immunization. The government should not care for reasons why parent resists immunization and proceed with immunization programs. In this case, parents and children have rights and thus parents should deny their innocent children a right to enjoy good health. The government should not give attentions to dogmas and religious beliefs that mislead the people. The rights of the entire community should triumph the individual rights to belief. Will the unvaccinated children pay for the loss of life because of the diseases they transmit? The unvaccinated children can infect communicable diseases to immunized children during the process of their interactions. It will not be prudent for the government restricts children from going to public schools but it will sound responsive if the government mandate vaccinations for all children. For this reason, the government should make immunization mandatory to reduce conflict in the community regarding the source of the infections.

The vaccination against communicable disease is free and parents have no reasons to resist the government program to immunize the children. The government should use the medical doctors are agents to educate parent on the essence of immunization. One of the reasons why some parent resist immunization is because of superstitions regarding the consequences drugs in the life of children.

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