Coursework Example on Transgender Counselling

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Date:  2021-09-02

It turns out to be very difficult to counsel the transgender clients, the understanding of how they feel is not easy to handle.Transgender has in the recent past been a major topic that has dominated the society.I would recommend to the Christian counselors that, they should take up the duty of counseling their clients and helping them to keep on pushing with life.We are therefore supposed to give an ear, be sympathetic and apply our counseling skills to each and every one person who enters our office.Whatever kind of situation it is, we must always be ready to help.We should be open-minded and show this group of people empathy since this would make them comfortable and open up to us.It is not our duty to dictate or judge whatever they should be doing (Hays & Erford, 134).

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It is important for counselors to be aware and understand the history of transgender.We should understand our own beliefs, assumptions, biases, and values on the issue of gender.We should, therefore, make sure that our biases are not at any time imposed on our clients.We should never at any time make any assumptions on the issue of gender when we are counseling clients as this might have negative impacts.The transgender people normally have a very difficult time being accepted by the society, their family and even friends (Hays & Erford, 147).Whenever they come seeking for counseling, all they want is for us to listen and understand the difficulties they face and to help them keep moving on with life.

Transgenders encounter a couple of challenges in the society, that cut across mental, social as well as physical challenges.Such challenges include; mental oppression,stress and depression, as well as eating problems.Transgenders in the society are always at risk of facing violences and well as being treated as second hand objects (Hays & Erford, 148-149).

It is therefore very important to teach ourselves about the values we should possess when it comes to counseling and also be able to abide by the American Counselling Association.We should not discriminate the transgender individuals but treat them just like our other clients (Bidell et al., 302).As Christian counselors, we should try and learn more about this community of people.Since as Christians, we believe and trust in God, it can be at times very difficult for us to get involved in this.However, it is important to refer the clients to other people if you cannot help them.The word of God in Mathew 7 says that Judge not, that you be not judged.For in the judgment you pronounce you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Work Cited

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