Paper Example on Facilitating Abortions in the World

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Date:  2024-01-10

The perception of society on the significance of abortion in women health and social being is a sensitive topic with critics emerging from different spheres of the world. The medical field is continuously working on ways to improve medical outcomes, especially in conducting safe abortions. The social wellbeing and health concerns behind abortion should be used a basis of legalizing abortion and not based on political and government legislative process. The diversified perceptions of abortion in the society should not be used by the government to interfere with the need to promote a healthy quality of life and social wellbeing of women. Facilitating abortions worldwide is imperative in promoting women health and social wellbeing.

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Decisions on pregnancy and raising of children should be based on the flexibility and willingness of the mother. Under different circumstances, women may opt to terminate the pregnancy. According to Coeytaux and Hessini (2013), women need to be accorded the right to make decisions on what happens to them and their bodies. Some pregnancies are full of emotional and psychological attachment. Cases such as rape and abusive relationships may result in unplanned pregnancies. According to Sedgwick (2018), the emotional impact of the pregnancies affects the social wellbeing and the health of women which calls for legalization of abortion globally. Women look for alternative approaches but are a limited option to either keeping or seeking an illegal abortion. The illegal termination of pregnancy increases the risk of complications questioning the significance of restricting safe abortion procedures.

The criminalization of abortion accounts for the illegal and unsafe abortion attempts which threaten the lives of women. Abortion is a health issue and requires to lose attention from medical practitioners to prevent bleeding and infections. Bleeding and infections can lead to death, while damage to the reproductive system affects the chances of future pregnancies. The financial implication of criminalization of abortion limits the access to safe and quality termination of the foetus.

The financial implication of raising a child may lead to consideration of abortion. According to Mattalucci, Mishtal and De Zordo (2018), having a baby may affect the flexibility of a woman to make a living and comfortably pursue individual life goals. Raising a child and facilitating academic and family responsibilities may affect the strain a woman’s financial position. In events of balancing job and parenting, daycare centers relieve mother from the burden. However, this is an extra cost which may be difficult to facilitate due to financial constraints. Imperatively, legalization of abortion worldwide will empower women to work towards a healthy lifestyle and social wellbeing.


In conclusion, facilitating abortions worldwide promote the rights of women and empowers their decision-making on matters of reproductive health, social wellbeing and financial stability. Therefore, women across the world should be allowed to conduct abortions based on their evaluation of the significance of the procedure.


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