Responses to Opinions on Child Sex Exploitation - Critical Thinking Example

Paper Type:  Critical thinking
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Date:  2021-06-26

Response to Nicole

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I strongly believe in the opinion on Nicole who said that all forms of child sexual exploitation have increased significantly with the increase in technology advancement. I support her opinion because technology exposes people to critical sexual information which may influence other people involved in child sexual exploitation. I also concur with Nicole because the long time ago, people could only meet manually but currently with the increase in technological advancement, people can meet virtually over social media to carry on with illegal businesses that may lead to child exploitation. In order to eliminate these illegal businesses going on virtually, it is important for law enforcers to be very innovative to find ways of minimizing child sexual exploitation. According to my opinion, Nicole is correct because with the increase in technology it will not be easy to find people doing illegal business over the internet without involving forensic auditing which is more advance.

I also support the opinion of Nicole when she says that parents involvement is very important in eradicating child sexual exploitation. This is true because parents are more close to their children than anybody else and therefore they have a key role in shaping the behavior of their children. Parents have to ensure that children are controlled on what they read, watch and even see. These actions provided by parents ensure that children are not exploited sexually by adults.

I also agree with Nicole that computer forensic is also another important thing that can be used to combat child sexual exploitation. Computer forensic is also useful because it cannot be easily be damaged by anybody who does not have specialized knowledge in computer forensic. The use of computer forensic to carry out the investigation is important because it can help identify criminals who have involved in providing information relating to child sexual exploitation.

I fully agree with Nicole when he says that investigators run into are false allegations which in most cases are committed by law enforcement agencies. This problem may increase incidences of child sexual exploitation in the society. The second problem which I believe Nicole mentioned correctly is that it is difficult to interview children. According to my opinion, children who are very young have no capacity and ability to explain what had happened.

Response to Myesha

It is also true of what Myesha has said about the role of United States Department of Justices national strategy for child exploitation. I believe that their main goal is to the number of children who are being exploited sexually. It is correct when Myesha said that child pornography and online exploitation appear at the top of the things that increases vulnerability of children to sexual exploitation. Parents, therefore, should try to monitor the action of their children regarding child pornography and online exploitation in order to minimize the exposure of children to the risk of sexual exploitation. I, therefore, discourage children from watching pornographic movies in the internet.

I do not fully agree with Myesha on the best defense against child pornography. I do not the thing that investigators are the best defense because they can also compromise their work even if the network of well-trained investigators is established. I think the best defense is parental care where parents ensure that children watch and read desirable materials online. I think the establishment of a network of well-trained investigators to monitor what children watch online will be very difficult to monitor and enforce. I only support Myesha s idea that law controlling the spread of pornographic movies to children below the age of 18 years is important because it will prevent children from watching such movies which increase child vulnerability to sexual exploitation.

I agree that sexually abused children are interviewed by forensic interviewers who may not have the required qualification. They, therefore, face several challenges when interviewing children. I support that there are very many problems that forensic interviewers have that may make they generate accurate facts on what happens to a child who has been abused sexually.

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