Essay Example on Sex Role Modeling in Marketing of Products for Children

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Date:  2021-09-01

The survey on the roles of sex in advertising has been of great concern from the society level to the marketing concerns. Criticisms from the society have become primarily of great interest on womens stereotypical roles involving the ads and the kind of effect it has on the socialization of children and the perpetuation it has on the place of women in the society Drain and Rousseau (2017). Consequently, most researchers have tried to document the role of the female gender in the TV commercials and hence come up with the criticisms for justification. Children of the female sex are mainly used in advertising products that are meant for the male gender, items such as toy cars and balls are for the male gender. Boys roles in advertising have also become of great concern when it comes to targeting criticism (Drain, et al. 2017). We find boys advertising household products and showing how they are used and hence tend to be depicted as dependent on the instructions for women.

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Toys such as animated dolls, girls scooter, and party bags are for the girls, but to some extent, you will find that the boys are the one who is the ones who are used in advertising them (Drain, et al. 2017). Furthermore, you will find that some boys will find these products being of interest to them and their parents tend to buy them. For the boys the products that are of main interest to them are like; balls, cars video games, laptops and made be bikes Lee and Kotler (2015). For products such as these, you will find that the female gender is involved in advertising it, this will be of enormous impact to the interest of the girls.

The latest survey carried out concerning the sex roles has been considered to be focusing majorly role changes of the female gender due to the participation in the workforce where also the men have begun to change due to this response (Lee, et al. 2015). Where men have begun to taking and committing themselves to the nontraditionally household duties such as preparing meals and food shopping. Men tend to engage themselves in the nontraditional responsibilities as they opt to remain single for a long period.

However, toys such as skates, tablets, and fidget spinners are said to be unisex, and any child of any gender can use these kinds of toys Pagoto and Bennett (2013). When advertising such kind of product, one can use any gender to show how the product is used and its features. The advertisement of a certain product by a different gender for me has both positive and negative impacts. The positive result is that it will expand the thinking capacity of the children as they will be capable of having access to different kind of toys and how they are used. However, it might change the thinking of the child as they will tend to use the products that are not meant for them (Pagoto, et al. 2013). You will find the boys trying to play with the dolls and making their hair which is not appropriate considering the gender.


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