Auntie, I'm Fighting for My Masters Degree! - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-27

Dear aunt, I hope you are all well back in England the land of the queen. It's been quite a while since we got to catch up and now that I got the chance I thought I should break the silence. I have been so held up lately having to balance between classes and my Job. I feel like I'm stretched to the limit. But with only a few semesters remaining to my master's degree in financial economics, I am motivated to keep on fighting. When the time is right, I'll inform you prior because I need you guys over here for a hearty celebration to commemorate this milestone although minor but will be the foundation for more significant achievements ahead.

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Moving to the U.S has been a challenge that has kept me on my feet for a better period of my stay in this country. The people are great her friendly and helpful, but that has not meant that my life around here has been easy. As you remember I was enthusiastic about the stock markets, and I even once presented you with my intentions of investing in stock shares. I may not have been straight forward with you at the time because when I gave the idea to you, I had already put some amount of money in a particular stock platform. Upon the crash of the market, I experienced some substantial losses which threatened to offset my financial stability. Many other people were affected as well, and the prices of commodities were quite high as well. However, there is no need to worry given that my current job has managed to sustain me in most of my necessities.

However, I have had to change my lifestyle significantly to manage to get by. Any unnecessary expenditure that I was involved in I has made the attempts to cut it off. For instance, do you remember our coffee escapades at Shrewsbury and nature walks at the Nottingham forest trail park? Well, here at America they have Starbucks who serve like the best coffee in the world, but I can only manage to get a refreshment at most thrice a week. I have not engaged in any outdoor nature activity ever since I started my classes. This is because of my busy schedule that has taken away most of my time having me working round the clock. Such instances make me miss being back with you guys over there.

With only a few months to go for the 2020 general elections, the political atmosphere in the country is at an all-time high. Politicians have taken to the public scenes to sell their manifestos speaking on the significant reforms that the country needs. One particular house representative that has managed to appeal to me is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez a young politician who is leading the country towards sustainable energy utilization in the country. These politically fueled movements have primarily affected the industrial setting leading to the fluctuation of market prices in most common commodities.

Given that I recently finished my citizenship registration status, I am looking forward to taking part in my very first general elections in the country and hopefully, my vote will make a difference. However, all has not been so difficult around here. I have made many new friends from school as well as at the workplace who from time to time we have engaged in fun pass time activities. After all, I could say that in a way my relocation has served as an informative phase in my life, and I have come to learn so much about the American people and their culture.

Hopefully, I will get to tell you all about it the next time we meet up. I miss you, people. Say hi to Uncle Jim and inform him that I managed to crack his puzzle so, next time I'll be the one driving the Jeep to a destination of my choice. I have to return to my schedule. Goodbye, have an excellent time and take care of yourselves. Yours (Name)

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