Application Letter for Biological Sciences at Nagoya University

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Date:  2021-04-05

There are various reasons why I choose to apply for the course of Biological Sciences at Nagoya University. First, I choose Nagoya University for a number of reasons one of them being the high degree of freedom and flexibility that it gives to the students that plan to take on biology courses. Such gives students the opportunity to undertake courses of their interests and strengths; this also gives the opportunity for students to develop individually tailored list of courses. Moreover, such a freedom enables students to explore fields in social and natural sciences and how they can apply their knowledge on biological sciences to such fields, it is prudent that the same helps acquisition of skills from the natural and social skills that can expand and complement their knowledge on biological sciences. Skills acquired from such fields enables students to tackle societal challenges and improve the living conditions of the population. Another reason why I choose Nagoya University is that it has a rich culture in the medicine and biological science as evident in that it was set up as temporary hospital and a medical school. Besides, the Nagoya University is one of the best research universities globally and the vibrant academic culture in the university is what has made the university to produce six of the ten Nobel Laureates in Japan in the 21st century.

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I choose to apply for Biological Sciences at the University for various reasons among them being the knowledge that I will acquires in the related fields such as molecular biology, biochemistry, ecology, physiology, biophysics and genetics. Furthermore, I would gain skills on the fields such as biomedical sciences, biotechnology and neuroscience which are of great importance in the improvement of technology to improve quality care of the society. Advancement of technology is of the greatest concern as it gives the opportunity to devise new ways of treating modern-day chronic diseases, advancement of technology would also enable me to develop preventive methods to diseases and help to reduce the rates of patients getting ill. Additionally, studying biological science will enable me to acquire a biological thought on the health-related issues eminent in the society and provide solutions for the same.

Studying biological sciences greatly complements my academic history because I have a minor in biological sciences, in this manner, studying biological sciences would provide an opportunity to further my studies on a related filed and give me the opportunity to assist in provision of quality care. Moreover, the course would give me the opportunity to further my personal and professional goals, this is because professions related to biological sciences are well paying and gives one an opportunity to be prosperous. Having financial prosperity is one of my personal goals and the same will be fulfilled if I undertake the course at the Nagoya University, financial prosperity would enable me to climb the social ladder faster, take care of my family and have opportunity and resources to develop my skills on the course. Additionally, taking the course at the university would give me the opportunity to acquire new contacts that which would be helpful in future as a profession.

Some of my professional goals I hope to achieve by taking the course are such that I would have the opportunity to carry out research on the health issues affecting the population and the ensure that epidemic and pandemic diseases reduce in the society. Additionally, I hope to create a foundation which will focus on research on technological advancements that can help in improving methods of treatments, initiatives will be complemented with the development of more effective drugs that can reduces cases of disease attacks in the population. Finally, the fieldwork that would be carried out in various regions would give me the opportunity to share ideas with other professionals for the development of the profession.

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