Application Letter for Nursing Course. Example

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Date:  2021-04-05

Dear Professor,

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I am an international second-year student at CUNY-College with a major in Nursing. I am originally from (France) and came America a few years ago. Despite the fact that my coming to America was marred by a lot of challenges, for instance, little knowledge of English, I have since settled and loved the atmosphere here.

Here in America, I am under the care of my uncle. My parents are in still in (France). We talk often but I miss them a lot. My mother is a high school teacher whereas my dad is a police officer. Additionally, my grandmother worked as a trainer. She trained police officers. She has since retired. Currently, she is at home.

Since I was proficient in Italian and French only, I had to hire the services of a private tutor for one year who assisted me in a very big way. I took TOEFL exams later on and was proud of myself when I passed them.

Later on, I applied for F1 Visa and officially became an international student. I started college at the start of the year 2015. The language barrier made it difficult to adapt well in class but I have since overcome this. My goal is to be a Registered Nurse in future. In the light of this, I understand that I have to perform exceptionally well in Science classes together with all the other classes. Currently, I am taking an English class which has helped me become a good communicator. The class is also one of the mandatory classes that someone has to take so that he or she can be admitted into the program.

I decided to take this course before I officially enter the program so that I am able to concentrate on passing this class. Currently, my grades for the Nursing-must-take courses are fairly good. I have since scored As in several of the classes and B (plus) in both Physiology and Anatomy. I do believe I can improve the few Bs so that I will be able to stand a better chance of entering the program.

My hobbies include cooking, assisting the people around me, reading, exercising and drawing. I am also interested in eating healthy and reading psychology. My main motivation behind studying Nursing is to help people and make a decent living. I hope to have a big family one day. Secondly, it has always been my dream to become a nurse. I do hope that I will advance my studies up to the Master's level.

It is my hope that all my dreams will come to pass and that great people like you will make it happen. I have particularly come to enjoy your class since I can articulate myself clearly now. The other trainers in this college have been amazing too. For instance, I enjoy my anatomy class. The tutor has a funny accent and seems to be an expert in what he teaches us. My classmates are great too. We have formed groups for discussions which have been really instrumental in studying for those science classes.

I look forward to a great learning experience here at CUNY College,

Yours sincerely


NB: kindly confirm that the information I have given in brackets is true. Thanks a lot

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