Observation Paper on a Lesson Plan Example

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Date:  2021-03-06

Part 1: Digestive System Lesson Plan

Pre-Observation Discussion

The use of a detailed lesson plan was essential in ensuring that the lesson plan goals and objectives were met. Several factors such as the nature of the classroom, intensity of the teaching, materials and resources required, time among others are some of the factors to consider when preparing a lesson plan in a classroom setting. It is evident from the lesson plan above that the objective was to ensure that the students have a clear understanding of the digestive system.

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From the lesson plan structure, all the necessary requirements are met, including the needed resources. The detailed structure of the lesson plan focuses on the needs and objectives of the students, taking into account the presence of constant reviews of individual students, as well as, a group. It is evident that the lesson plan will also encourage the cognitive abilities of the students through channels such as practical experiences, which will engage the students through drawing and coloring, thus placing a constant review and progress tracker for both the teacher and the student. It will ensure that the teacher can track the progress of the pupils, and also ensure the smooth transition within lessons.

From the above observations, it is evident to say that the learning process within the learning circles will be achieved through the constant engagement of students through assessment tools such as discussion groups, presentations, and practical sessions among others. A constant review would also be obtained by the lesson plan since the use of reflective sessions by both the teacher and students would prove integral to ensuring that the goals and objectives are thoroughly met within the lesson plan.

Observation Record

There are various factors to consider when creating a lesson plan when coming up with the lesson plan. Factors such as the size of the classroom, intellectual ability of the students, intensity of the teaching among others were fundamental points in ensuring that the needed objectives were met within the learning process. The use of visual aids would be considered the best approach to ensuring that the students achieve active learning.

In addition to the above factor, the use of various formative assessments in lesson plans such as the use of group discussions, practical lessons, which included drawing and labeling of different parts of the digestive system, also proved to be an effective way of learning for the students.

Some of the key strengths presented by the lesson plan are the incorporation of various visual aids within the teaching element, as well as the formative assessment procedures used by the pupils. The use of whiteboards, charts illustrating the human body, construction papers, colored pencils among others, ensure that the cognitive awareness and abilities of the children are engaged, thus achieving maximum learning.

It is evident from the above lesson plan template and use that all the necessary factors were taken into account to ensure the needed goals and objectives were met efficiently. However, one might argue that the use of video clips within classroom settings would be the necessary recommendations in ensuring that the learning procedures would be implemented within the classroom setting effectively.

Post-Observation Discussion

The main general observations made concerning the lesson plan and its execution within the given classroom was that it clearly addressed the various objectives intended by the teacher to the students. The use of visual aids, for example, is a significant observation that the lesson plan took into account when it came to the psychological aspect of the learning circle. In addition to the above, the use of visual aids enabled the incorporation of formative teaching assessment techniques such as practical lessons in drawing and labeling among others, helped the students understand the topic of interest thoroughly. The use of group work and discussion forums within the learning circles also ensured the achievement of learning by the pupils.

Part 2: Respiratory System Lesson Plan

Pre-Observation Discussion

It is evident from the assessed lesson plan that the objectives of teaching and learning were met with the reading build up. From the thorough overview of the overall lesson plan structure, it was evident that the lesson plan had both the intended structure, which apparently met the required objectives. It also took into consideration the various factors to consider when preparing a lesson plan such as the class size, creative intellect in ensuring that the overall objectives were met. Finally, the incorporation of visual aids, among other teaching tools, helped in ensuring that maximum learning and perception was achieved within the classroom setting when it came to aspects such as different parts of the respiratory system.

The learning process within the lesson plan would be achieved thoroughly by ensuring that the formative assessment would be present in ensuring that student understanding is achieved. The main purpose of the use of formative assessment in a lesson plan by the teacher is to ensure that progress tracking is guaranteed, as well as, to make sure that the necessary feedback is achieved by the students. The use of questions, practice presentations, discussion groups among others provides the needed information to achieve the intended learning outcomes. It was evident that the students were able to differentiate the various parts of the respiratory system, make a hypothesis based on their learning patterns among others.

Observation Record

Teaching was made effective through the incorporation of a simple lesson plan, which was detailed and objectified. The use of various teaching aids for a lesson plan such as charts and whiteboard markers helped the achievement of teaching goals to the intended learning circle. In addition to the above, the detailed, structured and detailed lesson plan ensured that the development of the students, in general, was achievedIt is evident from the use of the lesson plan; students were able to differentiate the various parts and functions of the respiratory system. The learning process was achieved using various formative assessment techniques or tools such as the use of discussion groups, practice presentations among others.

Some of the key strengths presented by the overall lesson plan were the presence of specific goals and objectives set out by the teacher. In addition to the above objective, it was also evident that the structure of the lesson plan enabled the planning procedure of the lesson, taking into consideration all the needed material to be used in teaching. It was also structured and precise towards achieving the primary aim of teaching the respiratory system to the students.

Major areas of improvement would include the use or incorporation of various visual aids such as the use of videos within the classroom setting to ensure understanding of the topic is achieved.

Post-Observation Discussion

Some of the general comments presented from the intended lesson plan and structure would be that the use of formative assessment in lesson plan template, such as presentations, group discussions among others, was a proper way of ensuring progress tracking and understanding of the children was achieved. In addition to the above, the use of visual aids was appropriate, taking into consideration that one of the four boys had Specific Language Impairment (SLI), and this enabled him to keep up with other classmates. Finally, maximum understanding and teaching of the topic or lesson was achieved using the detailed lesson plan, thus meeting the appropriate goals and objectives.

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