Report Sample on Continuous Recording Observation Technique

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Date:  2023-11-16


The continuous recording observation technique applies when recording the continuous occurrence of an event. The observer will observe the individual continuously through the observation time and records the incidence of the behavior. Therefore, to have a successful continuous recording, the observe must be in a position to determine the beginning and end of each occurrence of the behavior (O’Leary, 2020). The continuous recording observation technique is precise and detailed, sequential, and objective recording was done as the event occurs. It is mainly short since the observer writes or records the activities done within a given time.

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Time Sampling Techniques

Time sampling techniques refers to a sampling method that engages the acquisition of representative samples by observing the subjects at different time intervals. The observation time intervals in this technique are selected randomly. The key objective of the random time sampling technique is to generalize across the entire observation time. The time sampling technique differs with whole interval technique since, in whole interval recording, the behavior has to have happened throughout the whole interval for it to be recorded as having happened, but in time sampling, the behavior is recorded within some randomly selected intervals of time. For partial interval recording, it commences with the observer identifying the size of the interval required for recording behavior; hence it differs with time sampling, which intervals for recording are chosen randomly (Sharma,2017). Also, momentary time sampling differs with time sampling technique, since in momentary time sampling, it begins with the observer identifying the size of the interval needed. Mainly the required intervals are shorter (Radley et al., 2015).

Observation Measure

During a classroom observation measure, the continuous recording will record the activities in the classroom as it occurs for a given time, while time sampling technique will be utilized to records events that occur in the classroom for randomly selected intervals of time (Whitehurst et al., 2015). The continuous recording will record the occurrence of events and behavior in the classroom as it occurs continuously while time sampling is a variation of interval sampling; hence the events will be recorded within the chosen time intervals.

The concept of latency is crucial since it will enable me to make an effective observation in the future and make the right decision on which sampling technique I should adapt. The concept of latency enables me to know the time required for the behavior to start and the duration it will take.


Thus, it positively influences the type of observation to take. The concepts of frequency and duration for observation is crucial in determining the type of observation to take. The more often observed and those with shorter duration are the type of observation to conduct since it gives precise, detailed, and objective information.


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