Essay on Teaching & Learning: Two Intertwined Processes for Effective Communication

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Date:  2023-02-11

Teaching and learning are two intertwined processes that primarily connote to the various aspects and methods of communication. The teacher is the leader within the classroom setting as well as a transmitter of information through multiple media within the classroom. The receivers who are students vary diversely, and this thus creates a need for the teacher to understand this, and therefore cater to their needs at a personal level, as best as they can. Feedback is critical in this setting as enables the teacher to gauge whether the message has been understood, and if not, to recommence instruction from the assessed level of understanding (Fashiku, 2017). By observing the learning process as a third party, it is possible to analyze the process unbiased, and thus come up with strategies that ensure a successful teaching and learning experience.

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Differences exist within a classroom, from the sitting arrangement of the students to their racial, socioeconomic, religious, political, and cultural differences as well as their learning abilities. This, therefore, demands a comprehensive teaching methodology from the teacher. This, therefore, dictates the vitality of active learning, through a student-centered learning approach, to ensure that all instructions, learning experiences, classroom environment, and learning activities are centered on the needs of the students as well as their differences and abilities. Active learning, therefore, means that the teacher is not merely a transmitter of information, but rather a tool that encourages students to explore their skills, get involved in the classroom decisions, ask and answer questions and give feedback freely (Manurung, 2012). The classroom materials and methods must hence be designed to cater to the needs of the students.

Teaching is an art that requires constant replenishing of creativity. While it is often clearly stated that the students need to embrace creativity, the teacher, on the other hand, must also be creative in their teaching. Abiding by the curriculum verbatim is often considered regular, but a creative teacher has to go an extra mile. This breaks the monotony of the curriculum and thus encourages the teacher to utilize every resource in their grasp to ensure the students are as much involved as possible in the process (Manurung, 2012). Repetitions, complex ideologies, and passive classroom content can be made exciting and easily understood by such creative teaching and learning.

Being a part of an ongoing teaching and learning process as an observer grants one the advantage of noticing the various mishaps and successes of the process. In many instances, some of the students are often captivated, while another lot is wholly lost. To avoid this, all students must be included in the process by encouraging them to feel that the information being disseminated is interesting and easily understandable.


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