Essay Example on Latino Students: Changing Lives Through Agency Efforts

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Date:  2023-03-16


The agency encompasses different needs required in its operation and objectives. It can get pointed out as helping Latino students who have, bestowing scholarship, achieving potential volunteers in the agency, and individuals who participate in the LASA club (Arensberg, 2017). The agency requires working with the school fraternity, which includes the parents and guidance of the students. The prophetic token of the agency emphasizes on the need for changing the lives of the Latino students (Gilchrist, 2019). The agency secures and brings hope to the less fortunate by providing opportunities and mentorship atmosphere to the students.

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Services of the Agency

The agency provides several services to the community, depending on the qualifications and requirements as expounded above. The agency tends to help financially to the less fortunate Latino students, which will bring change and hope in their lives (Gilchrist, 2019). Also, the students have the opportunity to hear and learn from other fellow individuals learning in different institutes who speak about career background and achievements (Arensberg, 2017). The agency specifies on helping the Latino students within the community of Hackensack NJ, which covers all gender and does not choose according to the civilization background of the individual (Arensberg, 2017).

Accessibility of the Agency Information

Clients can learn and gain knowledge about the agency in different distinct ways that apply simple approaches. The primary source of obtaining information is through visiting the Hackensack High School Organization for Latino Alumni (HOLA), the program that initially got established within a high school (Maracle, 2018). The program also contains a management group that helps run and govern the members. It is an essential source for an individual to finds information and analyze the agency (Gilchrist, 2019). It has a total population of ten workers who voluntarily operate in the organization. The agency treats all clients with respect and honors their presence despite race, age, gender, and ethnicity. It gives a clear and pleasing view of the agency to the community at large.

Breaching Aspect of the Agency

Several instances rely on the breaching of the clients' confidential information. It is good to note and gain knowledge of the clients' life experience, which includes the breaching of classified documents as a source of information to the agency (Maracle, 2018). When allocating positions of the client in the organization, it is essential to consider the relevant documents such as application leaflets, which has an attachment of confidential documents explaining their life status. In this case, it enables one to note the fundamental ways the agency handles confidential documents (Arensberg, 2017). The agency controls the access of information recorded, which secures critical analysis of the organization. The agency uses confidential waste bins and shredders, which is suitable for the disposal of the documents. It leads to another crucial factor in using lockable document storage cabinets, which got employed in the organization.

Location of the Agency

The agency got located at a precise place that enables easy access to transportation means, which mainly includes road transport. The main roads that surround the agency are such as central avenue and Railroad Avenue, which encompasses several bus stops and wheelchair accessible points for individuals who need it. The available aspects of the roads are near the organization, as stated, which justifies the ease of accessibility view of the agency (Gilchrist, 2019). The location of the agency is convenient for those who also need taxi services, which get easily accessed in the town. The agency got environed with different higher institutes such as Hackensack University, which is relevant when it comes to accessing role models for mentorship practices and illustration of career success (Maracle, 2018).

Agency requirements

The expectation of the agency from the clients is simple and easy to bare. They have to be respectful to individuals, which covers a wide area such as discipline in the organization operations (Gilchrist, 2019). Also, another standard involves the desire to learn and accept changes in life, which is a critical factor since the agency seeks potential and reasonable clients who can provide an appealing character (Arensberg, 2017). The agency requires no payment from the clients unless needed or agreed upon when recruitment started or proceeded. The commitment of the client to pay anything to the agency is also important and plays a more significant role in activities and operations, which is not compulsory (Arensberg, 2017).

Operation of the agency

The main social work of the agency is community development, which gets classified into different sectors. The agency provides various services to the society, as explained above and which is a class of community development (Maracle, 2018). I played a significant role in the agency by providing educational life skills and financial assistance (Gilchrist, 2019). It was through pieces of advice and group talks to the high school students concerning career choice and development. Besides, the other actors involved relieving financial occasions to the organization (Maracle, 2018). It included fundraising, which also involved the gathering of the community.

Sources of Funds for the Agency

The agency has different sources of funds, which are the legal and right way of obtaining them. The primary cause is through membership fundraisings, sponsorship from other companies and entrepreneurs, community fundraising, and also assistance from other institutes (Maracle, 2018). It enables the agency to have a more comprehensive platform for making financial statements that include the budget of the organization. In this case, it can get concluded that the local community also plays a role in funding the agency, as stated above (Gilchrist, 2019). The company manages funds in a well precise manner that enables smooth operation.


I want to work with the agency as a job since it provides a different experience to different people in the society. I desired to provide assistance to the community and change the life situations of the individual (Maracle, 2018). The company meets my desire and plays a role by providing excellent opportunities to individuals who never had a chance of proper life experience (Gilchrist, 2019). The agency should improve on widening its services by operating a children's home branch, which is a similar objective and also expanding its services to the community, for instance, through industrial relations and legislation.


In summary, the paper has explained the essential fundamental background of the agency and the primary operations. It has highlighted the different requirements regarding its objectives and goals, for instance, helping the less fortunate Latino students financially. The paper has also provided a critical view of its essentialness in the community. It has informed the individuals to have a sense and need to help the needy and less fortunate in society.


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