Research Paper Example on Early Child Care and Education

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Date:  2021-09-01

Early childhood education is important in building the right foundation for the kids to help them attach value to education. Teaching children is one of the most challenging things that teachers have to do in the course of their career. Education at all levels serve the same purpose in the lives of the learners. The facilitators of the learning process such as the teachers play an important role in ensuring that the learners grow in their mental capacities and intellectually (TED Talks, 2013). Some of the most important aspects of teaching and learning are the creation of passion and perseverance among the learners as well as building a relationship between the learners and the educators. In this analysis paper, the role of educators in ensuring they achieve success in Early Childhood Education is discussed in relation to two TED talk presentations that address the value of education and the need among the education facilitators to address the needs of the learners in the right way.

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Rita Pierson, who has a forty-year experience as a teacher and comes from a family of teachers expressed the need to build a positive relationship with the children to make them gain from what the teachers teach. Rita said that every child needs a champion (TED Talks, 2013). Once a child starts to visualize the teacher as a champion, they can easily listen to the advice they give because they may want to be like them in one way of the other. According to Rita Pierson, encouraging a child even at the time they do badly in the assignment given to them is one of the ways that a teacher can make the learners think positively and have the urge to improve on their academic performance (TED Talks, 2013). Rita claims that children do not learn from people they do not like that is why it is important that teachers work harder in ensuring that they have a working relationship with the children they teach.

In another TED talk, Angela Lee Duckworth stressed on the need to instill grit among learners. According to the talk by Angela Lee, grit means passion and perseverance (TED Talks, 2013). Since the process of learning may not be easy to students, just like work may not be enjoyable to some people, passion and perseverance are some of the most important values that can make the learners or employees trudge on and gain success in whatever they do. Grit is important in children, in order for them to become effective learners and lovers of the processes they undergo as they learn (TED Talks, 2013). Early childhood education does not depend so much on the IQ of the students. Angela Lee said that some of the students with high IQ may not continue with their education to the end, while others with considerably low IQ accomplish their educational goals (TED Talks, 2013). Teachers should not look at IQ as the only thing that makes them judge the possibility of Academic success among learners.

In summary, the two veteran educators gave a lot of insights that are important in improving the teaching experience for both Early Childhood and other levels of education. When teachers build a positive relationship with the children they teach and they instill grit in the them, the process of learning in Early Childhood Education is bound to become very successful.

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