Three Types Of Reflective Essay Topics

Three Types Of Reflective Essay Topics

Published by on 2018-03-16 10:11:01

You are once again stuck with a reflective essay assignment, but this time the professor is out to get you, so you have to come up with a topic on your own. Before you start to panic, let us reassure you. We know all the tricks of selecting the best reflective essay topics, and we will gladly assist you in your quest for an A+ you need to pass the class.

A Quick Reminder

In case you’ve missed our guide on reflective essay writing, let’s go over the definition one more time. A reflective essay is an academic assignment aimed at discussing your experiences and their impact on your life choices. This type of papers should help you get a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses, prepare you to write a college admission essay and cover letters for job applications.

Three Types Of Reflective Essay Topics

By definition, the writer, meaning you, should be at the center of every self-reflection essay. But if you imagine yourself on a first date with a hot guy (or girl) who asks you to tell more about yourself, you will be speechless for a long time. You’ve lived a certain number of years and have thousands of memories both good and bad. You have a distinct personality with little quirks and endearing flaws. There are dozens of people in your life who influence you in distinctive ways. So what should you write about? To make a choice easier, let’s divide all reflective essay topics into three groups. Select the one you like best, and you’re golden.

Self-Reflection Essay About Your Character

There must be several distinct character traits that make you who you are. Select one or two qualities and describe them in your essay. Discuss the importance of these character traits and how you think they have developed and the ways they manifest in your everyday life or critical situations.

If you can’t pick one quality, ask a couple of close friends to describe you with a single word. You might be surprised by their answers. But this little experiment will encourage you to look at yourself in a new light. You don’t have to choose a good character trait to describe. If you want your essay to stand out in the sea of bragging papers, select a quality you would like to eliminate. Here are some interesting reflective essay topics to inspire you:

  • What do you fear the most?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is your worst quality?
  • How did you come to be a cynic?
  • How your shyness and bravery balance each other.
  • Why is your empathy the greatest asset?

Reflection Essay Topics On Your Experiences

Life is just a series of random experiences stitched together in your memory. Some of them are more vivid and exciting, even though for some people they might seem mundane. You can choose both good and bad memories to use as titles for reflective essays, but remember that you might have to share them with the whole class. Don’t write about the memories you are not comfortable discussing with your teacher and classmates.

Remember, that a reflective essay is not just another academic writing assignment. Besides explaining WHAT happened, concentrate on HOW it influenced your life and WHY this experience is so valuable to you. Don’t turn an analysis of your life into a narrative essay. Get inspired by our short list of unhackneyed reflective essay topics:

  • The moment you realized you don’t believe in God.
  • Your first solo trip abroad.
  • The family holiday everyone hated.
  • What was your first kiss like?
  • When did you start earning money to help your family?
  • The time when your greatest expectations were dashed.
  • When did you learn something truly useful in school?

Titles For Reflective Essays On Your Relationships

Unless you are a hermit or live under a rock, there must be dozens of people with whom you interact daily. Some have known you since the day you were born, like your parents and older siblings, others only see you a few minutes on workdays when you stop for a cup of joe at the local coffee shop. Pick one person who has profoundly influenced your life. You can, of course, write about your mother or grandfather, but you can also be a little more creative and describe your passive-aggressive relationship with an old neighbor who frightens all the kids on your block.

As reflection essay topics go, you don’t have to choose a personal acquaintance. If you are a fan of Donald Trump or feel like you know Oprah, write about your role models. But always remember to concentrate on the WHY and the HOW if you want to get the highest grade for your essay. Here are some reflective essay topics to kickstart your writing:

  • Who do you despise most among your acquaintances?
  • How did your closest friend turn into an enemy?
  • The worst advice your older brother gave to you.
  • When did you understand how much you love your parents?
  • Why did you choose Buddha over Christ?
  • The things your father does to show he loves you.

Reflective essay topics

As you see, there are hundreds of possible reflection essay topics. You just need to understand, which aspect of your life you feel comfortable sharing with your class. If you need to write a college admission essay, remember to make your topic unorthodox and eye-catching to grab the attention of the admissions board. Our writers are just a couple of mouse clicks away in case you don’t have the time or energy to complete this assignment.